In This World and the Next Chapter 05 Part 01 (With Commentary)

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Welp. This goes into the part of this fic I haven’t previously read. So I’m more than prepared to lose whatever’s left of my cool. Yeah. You thought I was angry before? You guys better hang on to something, because it’s all new for me at this point.

Since I will be reviewing Twilight chapter by chapter soon, I feel like going into this might help not hate that experience so much. Because this literally makes me angrier than even Twilight has. And that’s a goddamn feat.

Also, back when I started My Immortal, I used to do several posts in one night and then schedule them. These chapters are so long and they piss me off so much that it takes me a week to get through one half. :/

In this World and the Next

Disclaimer: JKR owns Harry Potter, I write purely for fun and it’s free, anyone wishing professional standards of writing should go and buy one of her books. (POA is my favourite!) [First of all, what idiot would bother to read a fan fiction this long if they’re not already a fan of the source material? I’m not saying someone wouldn’t but they’d be a bit of an idiot. And I’m usually torn between Goblet of Fire and The Half-Blood Prince for a favorite, but either way… I don’t believe you care about any of these books. At all]

Chapter 5

A big black dog was sleeping curled on a filthy threadbare blanket, it raised its ears without lifting its head or even opening its eyes. The dog was suddenly transformed into a man who appeared every bit as mangy as the dog he’d just replaced. Sirius Black stood in his cell and stretched, it was a rare occasion when the Dementors were withdrawn and one not to be missed.

The wizard didn’t open his eyes, there was nothing to see that he hadn’t memorised years ago. Counting the bricks that make up your cell walls gets old nearly as fast as counting the days to your trial that never comes. All that was left now was to savour being human without the Dementors messing with your head, without Padfoot he didn’t think he would have survived this long. […This is actually an okay section of writing. I’m pleasantly surprised. Let’s see how long this lasts, shall we?]

His eyes soon sprung wide open when he heard multiple footsteps approaching his cell door, even more shockingly it began to open.

“Ok Black, you’re coming with us. No funny business or we’ll just knock you out and drag your worthless arse out of here.” [It lasts until someone opens their fictional mouth, I guess. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. >.>]

Sirius hadn’t used his voice in a while but discovered it still worked, “Where are you taking me?”

“Well it would appear Harry Potter found out who was responsible for his parent’s deaths, now he wants to spit in your eye before Fudge hands you over to a Dementor. This is your last day on this Earth scumbag.” [Hello, reader! Meet Unnamed Azkaban Guard. He’ll be your ‘generic asshole’ for the evening. His only job is to make whatever bullshit the main Sues come up with justifiable later! Also, up until after Shacklebolt became Minister, there were no human guards in Azkaban. How would human guards not go insane themselves in that place? Who would fucking want that job? -.-]

Sirius was struggling to stay upright with all the shocks coming his way, he knew he had to though or they literally would drag him out of here. The guards didn’t carry wands in case the prisoners got hold of them so he would be dragged out by the ankles and his head would hit every stone step in Azkaban [As much as Sirius is actually decently written so far (which I have no faith will last much longer), he’s awfully lucid considering his situation]. They placed a medallion around his neck that signified he was off-limits to the Dementors, it didn’t repel them, just emitted an aura that marked the prisoner for safe passage. [ROFL. Right, because Dementors will totally respect that. Not like they’re evil creatures driven by the hunger for human misery or anything. *sigh* This would be less stupid if the thing DID repel them, but still stupid.]

Sirius almost broke down when he was being led out the prison, heading towards the dock he got his first glimpse of the night sky. The stars were beautiful and there had been a distinct lack of beauty in his life for the last decade. Sirius felt a great weight lift off him as the boat sailed away from the island, even if this was his last night it was still better than rotting in that hell. What was running through his mind though was Sirius Black was going to get to see Harry Potter, now Sirius thought that was worth dying for. [Yeeeah, I’d stick with the Dementors if I were you. Or, hey, there’s still time to jump into the water and drown. Ya know. Save yourself before it’s too late. >.>]


Arthur and Bill entered the Burrow as the sea of expectant faces tried to read their mood, this proved very difficult as neither was sure what to feel at the moment. [Hey, it’s another ‘let’s draw insane amounts of sympathy for our supposed villains’ moment! Those are always fun] They all sat around the kitchen table with only Charlie missing, dragon handlers didn’t have the same penalty clauses in their contracts that the goblins insisted on. A wizard working for Gringotts had to be above reproach, the faintest hint of scandal could see you lose your job. Having it splashed all over the front page of the papers that your mother tried to attack the boy who lived was always going to result in an instant dismissal. [Sure. Because the Goblins give no shits for Wizards, but they still love Harry Potter so much that just any member of your family insulting him is enough to cost you your job. Seriously, dude, fuck off with that bullshit]

Molly couldn’t wait any longer, “Well, what happened?” 

Arthur reported the latest news to his family, “We’ve sold the land, for a lot more gold than I expected but we have to be out of here before the weekend.” [They’re losing their home! Isn’t it great, guys!?]

Molly tried to make the best of it, “At least we’ll have some gold at our backs, we can be packed in no time.”

Bill was shaking his head, “The new owners are going to tear everything down and build from scratch.” [Take that, family with no money and all the mouths to feed. Serves you right for possibly doing bad things in the future!]

Again Molly tried to look on the bright side, though she had unshed tears in her eyes at the impending destruction of her home. “We always knew whoever bought the land wouldn’t want the house, it stands to reason. At least now we’ll be able to get a good start somewhere else.”

It was Arthur who dropped the bombshell, “The Potter boy is pressing charges against you, we’ll lose over half the gold in fines.” [I’m serious now, the author wants us to feel some form of satisfaction from these people’s suffering right now, but it’s just not working. Every time their hopes are crushed it just makes me hate Harry even more. It’s not enough to just say ‘this person did that, therefore they deserve suffering’. If you don’t convey the harm they caused efficiently and then just mercilessly punish them throughout the story, you’re gonna draw sympathy. That’s why I keep saying that it’s important to actually know how to portray things such as rape in fiction. Because if you don’t make the readers feel that shock and that disgust, anything else you try to accomplish from then on just fucking crumbles]

Molly let the tears go, “Couldn’t we fight this?” [*cue sad violin music*]

Arthur knew they didn’t have a hope, Molly had admitted her crime to the head of the DMLE. “All that would achieve would be to give our remaining gold to some lawyer, we just have to take it on the chin and get on with it as best we can.” [Wait. Are there lawyers in this version of the Magical World? Because… We are yet to see anyone actually stand trial for any offense so far]

“I’d like to put one on that little bastard’s chin, him and that trollop…” Molly’s tirade was abruptly ended by a fuming Arthur Weasley.

“That’s what got us into this mess in the first place! Your stupid bloody temper and pig-headedness have already cost Bill and me our jobs, as well as almost making this family destitute. I swear if you cause one more bit of trouble for us I will not hesitate to cast you out, we have a family crisis here and don’t have any time for your tantrums.” [And there we go. Molly is the cause of all the world’s evils because plot demands it. Never mind that we know Harry caused the whole situation on purpose. Never mind that canon Molly would never hurt a freaking child ever. No. We hate Molly Weasley because screw her and her gingerness]

This shocked the entire clan into silence, not even Molly had ever seen Arthur like this, the angry head of the Weasley family continued in the same vein. “Percy, Fred, George, you will be returning to Hogwarts.” [This author keeps using terms like ‘clan’ and ‘head of family’ like this isn’t set in the goddamn 90s when only retrograde assholes still give a shit about them. Hm… How old was this author? I’m kind of picturing them as a grumpy old man right about now]

Percy wanted to object but his father’s tone had left him in no doubt that would not be a wise decision [Dude, ‘no doubt that would not be’? There are a million ways to phrase that better. “no doubt that wouldn’t be’ ‘no doubt that would be an unwise decision’, I know I’m nitpicking, but for fuck’s sake don’t people read their own writing anymore?], he just nodded his head in acceptance. The twins were smiling as Arthur turned his gaze to his youngest son, “Ron, I’ll give you a choice, return to Hogwarts or be home schooled by your Auntie Muriel?” [I would argue that going to Slytherin in canon wouldn’t be this much of a death sentence, but Cursed Child made it official that if you go to Slytherin even your family will treat you like you’re fucking Satan. Seriously. -.-]

Home schooled was on his lips until his father threw in who would be doing the schooling, Ron desperately wanted to ask why he couldn’t stay with his mother but, since that wasn’t an option offered, he would just have to assume that it wasn’t possible. His father didn’t appear to be in the mood to answer questions. Slytherin or his Auntie Muriel was a tough choice, in the end there was only one way he could go, “Hogwarts.” [of course, Hogwarts. Because we need to put Ron where he can have even more pain inflicted upon him. Because justice… or whatever…]

Arthur’s eyes then shifted to his daughter and his expression softened for the first time today, “I’m really sorry princess but I don’t have any options to offer you. Your Auntie Muriel is going to be looking after you until we can get settled somewhere. Bill has some contacts in a few countries where we can hopefully find work.” [Yes, folks, they need to leave the fucking country. That’s how fucking ruined they are from this]

The tears were streaming down her cheeks as she asked, “Why can’t I come with you?” [Is Ginny two in this? Because ten-year-old girls don’t actually cry every two fucking seconds. I understand that, yes, this is a pretty shit situation, but has Ginny not been crying in any scene in this timeline? At all? Because I don’t think so]

“We have four of you in Hogwarts and need to set up a new home abroad, it’s going to take me, Bill and your mum all working full time just to make ends meet. The Burrow may not have been much but it was ours, anything else we get is going to cost us rent or mortgage.” [One more paragraph about how they’ll all have to live off of stale crackers and tap water and I might actually cry a little -.-]

Arthur turned his attention back towards his sons to deliver a warning, and also because watching Ginny cry was breaking his heart. “I have no idea what the situation will be at Hogwarts but if the Potters are there you lot will be on your best behaviour. They have done nothing [I’m sorry, but no. That’s entirely not true] and acted entirely within the law, this family can’t afford to take one more hit. A story in the press about vindictive Weasleys picking on two first years would end any hope we have of recovering, do I make myself clear?” [See, in the initial timeline, Ron did all those things and I’ll concede he was an asshole for it, but in this timeline… Not only would I find them completely acceptable but I might actually cheer him on. Because in the initial timeline, that we know of, it was completely without motive… In this one, Harry and Hermione actively ruined his entire fucking family. If Superman had done this to Lex Luthor I’d be 100% okay with him sticking a kryptonite shiv into his freaking eye socket]

Arthur made sure he got a ‘yes dad’ out the four of them, he didn’t want to imagine what would happen if the twins started to prank them or Percy drew his wand again. They would probably have to dye their hair blond and change their name to get a job tending camels in the Sahara! 

Arthur walked outside, heading for his hut to get one last look at his muggle plugs and batteries collection. This also meant he didn’t have to look at his wife, in all the years of marriage he’d come closest to strangling her today. Having been married to Molly for over twenty years, that was really saying something. [All joking aside, it takes a lot of hate for a fictional character to not only fuck his entire personality but that of his entire family. Even Ginny who is not depicted as bad here for some reason is portrayed here with less personality than Hermione and that’s saying something. And I know some people bitch about her not having much of one in the books; fuck you, Ginny was awesome. >.>]


Harry and Hermione stepped off the Knight Bus at the public entrance to the ministry of magic, they had received some strange glances and a few glares from the other passengers but Harry was sure their chosen apparel was responsible for that. He was wearing a dark suit Hermione had picked for him and, with a shirt and tie Harry was dressed as the quintessential muggle. [He’s dressed like a forty-year-old businessman, you mean. No eleven-year-old would willingly wear a tie. Heck, no normal eighteen-year-old would willingly wear a tie] His wife was also paying no heed to the fact that they were probably going to meet the Minister of Magic today, a pale blue dress with a dark blue jacket was rounded off by matching bag and shoes. Only the wand hidden in a holster on her arm signified she was a witch, they were making no concessions to the magical world, and if they didn’t like it, tough! [This is the lamest act of badassery in a Harry Potter fic since Christian Potter had a ‘pray off’. “We’re dressing up like an old couple from the fifties. Take that, magical community!” *groan*]

Both couldn’t help but think the ministry hadn’t concerned themselves too much with what clothes the pair were wearing the last time they ‘visited’ this building [I can’t help but think they probably don’t care now either], the bastards were too busy making sure they both got kissed. [This sounds way nicer out of context] Hermione understood how emotional this was going to be for Harry, she had been relieved to go first as watching the kiss being administered to Harry would have been worse than the actual deed itself. Add to that he was going to see Sirius again and his emotions were off the scale, she just hoped he didn’t do anything reckless. Then again he wouldn’t be Harry Potter and the man / boy she loved without that reckless streak, she would just have to be on the alert and, as always cover his back. [First of all, at this point I couldn’t give less of a fuck about Harry Stu’s emotions. Second, stop trying to make Hermione sound like an actual character in this when we all know she’s utterly useless]

They arrived at the desk and the guard asked for his wand, when Harry replied he didn’t have one the shocked guard waved them through. Two of the aurors from the Leaky Cauldron were there to once more provide an escort, this time to courtroom ten.

Hermione was certain controlling her husband was a lost cause the moment they entered, there was the chair, complete with chains that they had personal experience of. The dementor in the corner waited quietly behind its containment field, it knew it was going to be fed today but there was even worse to come. The panel of five contained not only Dumbledore but Dolores Umbridge, Hermione was fighting the urge to go down there and kill the bitch herself [Bitch, please. Hermione is utterly useless against anyone who isn’t a one-year Hogwarts student. Even an adult ‘shit wizard’ can do whatever to her. If she single-handedly killed Umbridge it’d be against the worthless character you already established for her] so Merlin knew what Harry was thinking.

Harry’s face was contorted with anger, fortunately most folk thought this was due to his impending meeting with the betrayer of his parents. Unfortunately a certain toad [for the lov of all that’s holy. Stop. Stop with the animal comparisons. Just fucking stop] just couldn’t keep her mouth shut, “I find it insulting that these two children can appear before us in this disrespectful manner of dress, surely some robes can be found for them.” [Oh, for fuck’s sake. The only reason she gives a shit is that this non-plot demands it]

Harry was on his feet while Hermione’s hands were in her lap, her wand handle already in her grasp. “I was denied knowledge of who I was for ten years, perhaps you should be looking into who carried out that deed rather than concerning yourself with what my wife and I are wearing. Fashion tips from someone wearing a hideous pink cardigan? Please!” [How can you have written this line out of Harry Potter’s mouth and actually look yourself in the mirror every morning afterward?]

Harry sat back down but a clearly upset toad could hear the sniggering all around her and wouldn’t let it go, “Mr Potter, I am Dolores Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic. I will not be spoken to in that manner by a mere boy.” [Oh, ha. This is my favorite part coming up… Just… Just… Wait and see what this fucker says…]


Harry stood slowly, knowing every eye was on him. Dumbledore was watching keenly and he’d noticed McGonagall, incredibly accompanied by Remus in the public box. The Hogwarts approach must also be coming today so he thought he’d better make it look good. “I am Lord Harry James Potter, last scion of the Noble and Ancient House of Potter, banisher of the Dark Lord Voldemort. [Harry just called himself ‘Lord Potter’. Oh, guys… I want to laugh and cry so hard right now, my head actually hurts. You know what would be fantastic? If this was actually leading up to Harry becoming the villain of the story, but… Who the fuck am I trying to kid here? That’s never gonna happen. Because that would be a clever twist] Who the fuck are you to call me boy? If you’re insulted then I offer you the chance to duel, before or after you bring out Black. Either way, can we get on with this, I didn’t think anyone could procrastinate worse than Dumbledore but it seems I might be wrong.” 

The toad wouldn’t give it up though, “If the fiction in the press is to be believed, I understand you have no wand. How do you purpose to duel?”

Harry gave her a predatory smile, “I didn’t have a wand when I defeated Voldemort!” the gasps at the name again gave him the opening that he was looking for, “What? You think I blasted him with a bad pair of nappies?” [Tell me, in what universe other than this complete piece of shit fic would this actually work as intimidation? This is an eleven year old little shit bragging about something he couldn’t possibly remember]

Dumbledore couldn’t resist, “And just how did you defeat him Lord Potter?” [ And then Dumbledore goes on to ask how he did it as if it made sense to believe he actually consciously did something and actually remembers doing it! None of which is possible because he was a fucking baby! WHY IS EVERYONE SUCH A FUCKING MORON!? And no. I don’t believe he’s suppose to be asking this sarcastically, even though in canon he actually DID know how Harry did it!]

“Perhaps had I not been in effect banished from the magical world for ten years I might be inclined to tell you, as it is I owe you nothing!” [Because you clearly remember that thing that happened when you were one fucking year old. No one owes you anything either, Harry. Your mother basically defeated Voldemort. Not you]

Professor McGonagall called out from the public gallery, “Lord Potter, I have your wand here, we were able to repair it at the castle.” [This fic id going to be what kills me. I feel it. I can actually feel it slowly taking away my life.]

Hermione summoned it directly into her husband’s hand as Harry gave their favourite professor a slight bow, “Thank you Professor, it would seem I might have some use for it after all.” [I can’t. I just can’t anymore. I can’t. Harry is such an unbearable asshole he makes Malfoy look like Mother Fucking Theresa… I can’t stomach this level of douchebaggery. It’s seriously taking a toll on my health at this point. I am physically ill. And we’re only five chapters in]

Amelia was so enjoying the toad getting stepped on and anytime Dumbledore didn’t get his own way made her day. It was time to move proceedings on, though she would be more than interested in how the toad tried to squirm her way out of the duel. [I swear to every single one of the motherfucking Twins… If this fuckwad calls Umbridge ‘toad’ one more GODDAMN TIME!!!!] Harry had made it quite plain he wished to discourage attacks on his family, taking down Fudge’s hatchet woman would certainly do that. For some reason she never doubted Harry would win. [Yeah…. Why the fuck is that? He’s attended Hogwarts for one day] “Bring in the prisoner!”

Sirius entered the room with an auror holding each arm, he was franticly searching the faces for one in particular, hoping beyond hope he would recognise Harry. That should never have been in question as an eleven-year-old James stared back at him with Lily’s eyes. Sirius had expected to see hate reflected there, instead it was like drinking the world’s strongest pepper-up potion with a firewhisky chaser. There was unbelievably, yet unmistakably love reflected there and Sirius Black felt ten feet tall as energy surged through his body. He shook off the aurors and marched straight to the chair, sitting down without once taking his eyes off Harry.

After the chains wrapped around him the head of the DMLE stepped forward, “Sirius Orion Black, you are charged…”

She was interrupted by the Marauder, “About bloody time Amelia, I plead not guilty.” He then stuck his tongue out as the sparkle that was such a feature of his youth made a tentative return to his eyes. [And here’s where you ruined Sirius. I was waiting for it. *sigh*]

It took a matter of minutes of his answers to result in the chamber descending into chaos, Umbridge was banging on the table in an attempt to restore order, she would have had more luck dancing on top of it. It was Amelia who restored a semblance of order before toad face interrupted her [WHAT THE FUCK DID ISAY!? GOD FUCKING DAMN IT! AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!], “How is it possible that Black can overcome the truth serum?” [I can’t… I just can’t… I can’t…  *takes deep breath* I’m sorry, guys, I’m trying really hard to keep calm, I swear. Just… Why is everyone so fucking incompetent? I mean… Fuck… Just why? Why do you need to make everyone stupid? WHY IS EVERYONE SO FUCKING STUPID!? I can’t, man! I just can’t with this fic anymore!]

Harry was up so fast you could have sworn he was spring loaded, “Why is it Miss Under-the-Minister that the ministry was so quick to believe ‘I was under the Imperius’ while dismissing evidence that’s right in front of your eyes? Doesn’t this fit in with your plans or am I supposed to pay someone off to get my innocent godfather out of Azkaban?” A mouse fart could have been heard in the absolute silence that followed that remark. Harry removed a letter from inside his jacket and offered it to Amelia, “My mother wrote that so I want it back! It was in my family vault and explains that my parents switched secret keepers. This seemed the quickest way to get my godfather free, to be perfectly honest the only person I trust in this room is sitting by my side.” [So, they changed secret keepers last minute to throw off Voldemort, but Lily; in a moment of sheer clairvoyance was like ‘hm, I better leave a note in case Peter betrays us and Sirius gets blamed. Nah, I’m sure Voldemort wouldn’t find it, it’s fine’. Sure. Because why have a plot point that needs more than five seconds to solve. Why bother. All this interesting story in the books was just getting in the way of what matters; Harry and Hermione being totally in love and shit. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES OVER]

Harry gave Amelia a moment to scan the letter before asking, “Since my godfather is here and still under truth serum, could we ask him what happened that night?”

Dumbledore objected immediately, “I hardly think that’s necessary…” [Why would Dumbledore object to this? Saving Sirius in the books was his fucking idea! AAAH I HATE YOU SO MUCH. I know I said I wasn’t going to hold this against the author, but fuck it. Whoever you are; I officially hate you]

Harry expected nothing less and interrupted him, “Madam Bones, my godfather will of course tell me but I feel it should be on public record, rather than second-hand from another Prophet interview that some people will question the validity of.” His eyes were boring into the toad as he said this, “I think the greater good of the magical world would be served if the facts were learned here today.”

Dumbledore reacted as if he’d been physically slapped, not helped by the fact that Amelia agreed with Potter and began asking questions he didn’t want answered. [WHY? EXPLAIN]

Sirius began telling the story of that fateful Halloween, “I felt uneasy all day so went to check up on Peter, only to find him missing. This really had me worried so I headed immediately for Godric’s Hollow. There I found the door blasted off and my brother in all but blood lying dead inside, I heard someone coming down the stairs and had my wand out ready to kill, it was Hagrid and he had Harry cradled in his arms. I told him I would take Harry but he refused, he had orders from Dumbledore and I knew where his loyalty lay so offered him my motorbike. I kissed Harry goodbye and went after Peter.” The drug was wearing off now but Sirius had waited a long time to say this and had no intention of stopping, the chamber was so enthralled that no attempt to stop him speaking was even considered, never mind made.

“I spent many nights lying in Azkaban wondering how different my life would be if I hadn’t let Hagrid take him, only the thought of Harry being happy allowed me to survive all those years, I knew James and Lily had made detailed provisions for him. Why did no one even question me? I was stunned in the street and woke up in that cell in Azkaban, I was an auror and knew that wasn’t the way things were supposed to happen.” [You’re leaving out the part where Peter faked his death and framed Sirius. He wasn’t just stunned in the street. He was allegedly laughing his socks off near his friend’s exploded body. You fact twisting piece of shit wanker!]

Harry could see his godfather was now totally free of the drug’s effects, “Sirius, I ended up with the Dursleys!”

Only the chains still holding him to the chair prevented Sirius attacking Dumbledore, “What the fuck were you thinking of? You signed their wills as a witness along with me, it specifically stated he was never to go there as they hated magic.” [Wrong. Just wrong. I really don’t have the energy at this point to list all the ways this is wrong]

Harry removed a scroll out his jacket and offered it to Amelia, “This is a copy of my parents’ will, it lists yourself and Professor McGonagall by name as just some of the trustworthy people I should have went to instead. We met Susan briefly in Hogwarts and I would really have liked to have a sister while growing up.” He turned to Dumbledore, “We have the how and who, would you care to tell us why?”

Dumbledore actually squirmed, “I had my reasons but don’t wish to go into them here and now.” [He had perfectly good reasons in the book, you twatwaffle! Canon that you already established took place in the previous timeline, so there’s no fucking reason it shouldn’t apply here!]

Harry didn’t think there was a chance in hell Dumbledore would disclose the prophecy here, he liked his secrets and had kept everything to himself before but this time they already knew most of them. “Very well then, the Noble and Ancient Houses of Potter and Black?” Harry looked towards his godfather to see if it was alright to include him in this.

“Oh hell yes! Let’s hit the old bastard with everything we can.”

“Potter and Black will pursue this matter legally, politically and financially to the full extent we are able. Who the fuck gave you the right to make decisions regarding my life?” [Is this whole fic going to be Harry legally fucking over his enemies? Because… Yeah, that’s loads better than all the awesome adventures in the original books. Fuck all that fantasy and whimsy shit, let’s go legal system on this bitch]

“Your mother and father were friends of mine…”

“Were friends!” screamed Sirius, “You better pray they don’t have wands in the afterlife Albus, or Lily Potter will transfigure you into a flobberworm for giving her boy to Petunia. Whatever possessed you to do something that was not only criminal but insane?”

“Madam Bones, can I ask why my innocent godfather is still in chains while Dumbledore is clearly guilty of breaking the law yet sits there on a judging panel?” [Shove your head up your own ass and die, Harry]

Amelia for once wasn’t sure how to proceed, “Sirius Orion Black, you were never actually charged with any crimes so the ministry can’t grant you a pardon, all I can do is exonerate you from any wrong doing and set you free. There will be a full public enquiry into why this happened, you have suffered ten years in Azkaban and this will not be swept under the carpet.” [Uuuuugh, I can’t. I can’t guys. Sorry, but I can’t anymore. I’m done]


I can’t. I just can’t. I’m trying so hard, but this… I can’t… No. Just no. I’m a good person. I shouldn’t have to go through this! This author claims Prisoner of Azkaban is their favorite and then does THIS. THIS FUCKING ABOMINATION. I can’t. I just can’t. This is the one that breaks me. If this person does this to the plot of their favorite book, I don’t know what they’ll do to one of my favorites. I can’t handle it. I can’t. It’s too much.

I can’t. I can’t. I just fucking can’t. I can’t. I can’t… I’m done.

Honest to God. Fucking done.



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