Slowly But Surely

I’m trying to work myself back into the groove of doing actual reviews. I’m hoping to revive the Disney Revisited series soon and go back to doing Steven Universe and MLP reviews like I wanted. I also want to eventually revisit some great animated series from my childhood; mainly Batman The Animated Series and the original Teen Titans. I’d also like to eventually do some posts about Avatar (the good one, not the Pocahontas x Smurfs x Thundercats crossover fan fiction James Cameron did).

Nest post will probably be Hogwarts Exposed. Like I said; I’m trying to get back into the groove of reviewing, but I’m also still trying to get Shadows Rise in shape for posting. I’m already behind my self-imposed schedule, but… Considering my health issues and other stresses… *sigh* I guess that was inevitable. :/

My friend liked the Twilight review; even though it wasn’t exactly what we agreed I’d do, lol. She told me to run with it. So upcoming chapters will be reviewed in the same style. I was actually pleased with how that ended up (setting aside the fact the post went up with some mistakes I needed to edit later; I’m a crap proofreader, I swear). It took multiple rereads to highlight particular things I wanted to bring up and then a lot of sorting out what to actually quote and it still ended up a bit on the long side. It definitely took a lot more work to set up than just a full book review; although reading one chapter at a time is a lot more doable for me right now, but I actually had a blast doing it. Which is good. I said I’d do the whole series after all. -.-

Uhm, my Australian friend advised me to start a Patreon and let people request reviews from me as rewards, since my friend is bribing me into doing the Twilight series and he said he’d be more than willing to pay so I make chapter reviews on Harry Potter And The Cursed Child (which, would definitely be fun, so I might do it one day eventually), and I’m entertaining the thought, but haven’t decided yet. Maybe after I can get episode one of Shadows Rise ready for postage and I can take a small break from writing. I don’t want to start something like a Patreon when I’m not able to post regularly. Meanwhile, I edited the blog’s Support Page. So, if anyone wants to they can make a donation and request a review. Though, I won’t be doing large requests like this.

I will also be updating the blogs pages and links in the next couple of weeks and… I’m trying to go back to actually visiting other people’s blogs and reading their posts because I’ve been too preoccupied with my own stuff to do it for a while now. -.-




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