RP Playlist Moment: End Of All Days

I know I probably shared this song here before, but it just came up on my YouTube Playlist and I just had to stop and be like “Ugh, I really miss SOF.” 😦

We all got our lives to lead and stuff, and I’m sure things will start moving again eventually; not like I don’t have a shit ton to do as is either, but gah I miss it. I miss writing my main cast so damn much. I miss all my evil schemes. I am so ready to set all the things on fire and laugh manically while it burns. Oh, it’ll be glorious! XD

Meanwhile… I think I’m gonna try and muster the time to watch Dumbo this week. I haven’t done a Disney review in waaaaaaay too long. 😛

Hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend. ^^


P.S: Hogwarts Exposed incoming. Soon-ish. Stay tuned.

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