It’s Gonna Be a Long Month

Welp, when I told myself I was gonna get Shadows Rise done by the end of July I have forgotten the fact that July is chaos incarnate for me. My nephew’s birthday is coming up and then two weeks after that is my birthday and the week after that, in the start of August, is my brother’s birthday. So, my two brothers who live away are coming to visit right now and… The kids are overexcited and loud and… I’m gonna go crazy. lol

Still stuck trying to rewrite chapter two. I swear, one day I’ll look back on this and laugh, but right now I just wanna break shit. It’s really frustrating. That’s okay, though, I know I’ll get there. -.-

Reading chapter two of Twilight and highlighting all the stupid. Will try to work on the review during the week, if I have the free time to do it. I’m gonna try Hogwarts Exposed during the weekend. I don’t know when I’ll have it in me to go back to NITWIT, although, I eventually will. I’m going to finish this thing or so help me.

*sigh* I need to relax. 😛


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