Hey Guys!

Okay, so… It’s past 4 AM and I’m about to go to sleep. I have a family gathering tomorrow and I’ll be out most of the day at my sister’s place. So I won’t be around.

I just want to update you guys on a couple of things:

First, I have decided to continue with Hogwarts Exposed, it’s just… Going to end up being a lot less silly and laid back than I planned. Still, I decided that these are things that should be commented on. So I will be doing that.

I will continue with Twilight as well.

I also plan to go back to posting on a semi-regular basis even to just talk about my day and my writing progress.


My right wrist is hurting a lot and I’m suspecting it may be tendinitis. I’ve had it before when I was younger; only in my left wrist then because I’m a lefty and I used to write a lot more by hand. So, I’m going to see a doctor on Monday and if the above suspicion is confirmed it’s very likely I have to wear a wrist brace for a while. And I won’t be able to write very well that way. Not that I’m doing great with the pain, I’m sort of just pushing through it at the moment for the sake of getting stuff done.

This may slow everything down for me because if I have to lay off typing altogether for a while, I’m gonna have to prioritize work once I get back to it. I have a commission going that I just accepted a day or two before the pain started. I do not want to keep this person waiting, so if I have to wear a brace and lay off the computer… First thing will be getting this done. The second thing is Shadows Rise because… I actually feel like going back to it now and finishing the stuff I was stuck on.

Either way, I’m gonna take it easy. I’ve been playing Pokemon on the GBA emulator because I can set all the controls to the left of the keyboard and play it one-handed and just generally not writing at all unless I need to chat with someone.  Still, I thought I’d come around and update the blog just before I possibly get immobilized.

Okay. So, I’mma go to sleep now.

Later, guys!


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