It’s Monday! I’m Back!

Hey, guys!

Well, turns out I didn’t need a wrist brace, but I was advised to take it easy. I iced my wrist once a day in this past week and it still hurts, but only barely. I’m slowly going back to work on the pile of things I have now pending. I’m going to start working on this new commission project possibly this weekend and once I’m done with it I’ll go back to Hogwarts Exposed. Lots to say about that. -.-

My brother was here the past week and it was so much fun. He left this morning and I already miss having him around. *sigh* Stupid Sweden is so lucky to have him. >.>

My nephew’s birthday happened, it was fun, we gathered up the family and had a barbecue. We ate too much laughed, played darts and shot toy bows with the kids, it was great. And now my birthday is coming up. So there’s gonna be a little bit of a fuss about that even though I don’t really want to do anything. I don’t feel like it this year, but the family’s already made plans. So fiiinee. XP

I hope you all are doing well and happy in your neck of the woods.


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