Another One On My List

Remember over a year ago when I said I wasn’t going to watch the new Ghostbusters movie because I thought it was shit and shouldn’t exist? Despite not being so angry anymore, I still believe that and I haven’t watched it. And IF I ever decide to review it, I have no shame in admitting it, I will not be paying for it. I will pirate this movie if I ever watch it because fuck everyone who made this movie.

And this is not something I would normally do. I will always try to pay for media; always, but when I feel something is genuinely not worth giving money to and I’d be putting myself through it just for the sake of either saying I did it or being able to fairly say that I hate it… I don’t want to pay for it.

Much like I said that I would only review the Twilight series if someone bought me the books because I didn’t want to pay money for it. Remember that? That totally didn’t blow up in my face there. >.>

That said… I will not be paying money to watch The Emoji Movie. And if I ever watch it, I will shamelessly pirate that shit, because honestly… I wholeheartedly believe the people who conceived this movie did so in hopes of banking on people paying to find out just how shit it is. And I refuse to be one of those people. I am not paying money to watch this movie.

I will probably never watch this movie if I can help it. Because movie reviews aren’t my favorite thing to do and I have a lot of much better things to review in that sense. A lot of better more Disney things. >.>

So yeah. I want a record. August 9, 2017. That’s the date I vowed to never watch (or at least never pay to watch) The fucking Emoji Movie.

Because fuck everyone involved in making this movie.

And fuck their feminist agenda. It’s a goddamn Emoji Movie, are you fucking kidding me with this shit?


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