About Freaking Time

I had an early morning trip to the Doctors this morning and turns out the excruciating pain and dizziness I woke up to were the product of an ear infection. So here I’ve been; hopped up on antibiotics and feeling like shit all day. I decided I’m gonna do what I used to do as a kid in these occasions.

I’mma watch cartoons!

So I’m finally watching the next movie in my Disney Revisited list; Dumbo! Expect a review in the upcoming days, if I can’t manage it tonight.

And here’s a question for you guys… Since this series is called “Disney Revisited”, should I leave out Disney flicks I actually haven’t watched before? Such as… Say… The Princess and the Frog?

Should I do all of them and just rename the series?

Should I do all of them and not rename the series and stop nitpicking like an idiot?

Let me know what you think. 😛


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