I Have An Interesting Reputation…

So, I was going to start writing my Dumbo review right now, but for some random reason I decided to look at the blog’s stats. I used to do that pretty often, but… After a while I stopped. Because I didn’t want to depress myself by staring at the results of my inactivity. I mean… This blog grew a lot while I was posting every day, but in the past year and a half now, yeah. I know. I’m aware. -.-

Regardless. I decided to have a look at what my most viewed posts are and I was glad to discover that they were all review posts. My second most read post on this blog is my Snow White review and after that is a mix of horrible fan fiction and random reviews of things. My most viewed post, though, is Astral Hell, which… I guess people Google search that a lot. There’s no other reason. It’s just a post about me feeling like crap the month before my birthday. It’s… Pointless really. ๐Ÿ˜›

I’ve also looked at the most used search terms to find the Nest. Most of them were unknown; as you’d expect, and several were specific post names which I guess some people stumbled upon and didn’t remember where they saw it. Some search terms were, eh, a lot more entertaining.

There were a plethora of My Immortal quotes here, but my favorite of the bunch were “you stupid poser muggle bitch” andย “then…… he started coming!”. “It was tom bombodil” is a good one too. Really, My Immortal is just a gift that keeps on giving and I’m so happy it’s become such a significant part of my life. I regret nothing. >.>

Then there were the really ‘I can’t believe I’m even remotely associated with this’ terms, such as… “adam gontier love story fanfiction” (seriously, I know I want to kidnap him and stuff, but… love story fanfiction? Come on, I have a reputation to uphold here >.>), “avril lavigne facts” (she sucks; that’s a fact for you. =.=), “angelo rulez fucking sister” (there are two versions of this, one with the correct spelling of ‘rules’. I… I don’t even know, man. I just ranted about hating that show once… Why are people finding me by looking up rule 34 of this shit?), “spongebob porn fanfics” (*sigh* this one’s entirely my fault).

My top favorite though…

“memes for people who are jealous of me” – This needs to be an actual post I write one day. ๐Ÿ˜›

“i don’t get the appeal of buffy” – Glad I’m not alone in this. >.>

“hilarious sarcastic commentary of hogwarts school of prayer and miracles” – Why, thank you. >.>

“i only platonically ship” – #JoinTheMovement!

“why i would never be a feminist” #Don’tJoinTheMovement!

“what does it mean when it feels like it’s friday” – That’s a fucking good question.

And last but not least…

“basically f*** you” – I want this on my grave one day. ๐Ÿ˜›

So there. I got super distracted laughing at this. I’m probably going to take my meds and pass out now and won’t get that review finished tonight.

But at least I had fun.


3 thoughts on “I Have An Interesting Reputation…

  1. LOL… literally! This reminded me of a post I wrote about an elderly who died after choking on a tea bag. I was sorry for the old lady, but I thought, that was just too Darwinesque not to mention. Not long after that I saw “Old lady choking on tea bag” in my search terms… And I really hope it wasn’t someone who had already read my post!! LOL

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