Extremely Annoyed

I have no idea wtf I’m even doing with life right now. I checked the info on this medication I’m taking at it’s got all those ‘do not drive or operate heavy machinery’ warnings on it. Which, I guess combined with the decongestant explains this semi-comatose state I’m in right now. But ugh.

I hate taking meds. I really do. Swallowing pills and being groggy and just feeling off altogether. It sucks. Granted, it’s less horrible than piercing pain in your ear, but still an inconvenience. I had to warn my commissioner that the translation work is going to be a bit late, which… I don’t like to do that, but… I can’t possibly produce anything coherent right now. I can’t. I literally dreamed I was being chased by miniature hippos at some point while trying to review Dumbo… And the part that troubles me is why it wasn’t even goddamn elephants. My brain can’t even produce a fucking fever dream right lately.

Well, I don’t have a fever, but you know what I mean. -.-

How’s your week going, guys? Good?


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