Hey, guys!

I’m almost back. I’m borrowing my brother’s laptop while my new charger doesn’t come and reviews will continue to be on hold because I don’t have a lot of the material I was reviewing here. Only on my still dead computer. -.-

I hope it’ll be working fine when I finally manage to power it again. I mean, with my luck… *sigh*

In the meantime… It’s good that I have this computer because… Work keeps piling up on me. It’s cool that people think I’m worth hiring and want me to do things for them, but holy crap, man! I just want to sit down and write I am so far behind on EVERYTHING I set out to accomplish this year!


There are worse reasons to be behind in writing, and I would know, so I definitely shouldn’t complain. I’m just… Feeling the strain. 😛

And I miss my computer. Adjusting to someone else’s keyboard is a fucking chore.

Hopefully next week I’ll have it back and then I can actually get on with actual reviews and other content. If real life doesn’t get to me first. -.-

Later guys.


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