Look Who’s Finally Back!

My freaking muse! lol

I think I’m starting to feel like myself again, guys. I wrote over 600 words in one sitting today and I’m still going. And it’s nice, clean, smooth writing. It just flows. God damn it, this is the shit! Hello, inspiration… Good to see you again… Where the fuck were you these past two years? -.-

I want to stop and write a lengthy post on the tools I’ve been using to write Shadows Rise. I have to say, I don’t think this thing would have lifted off the ground if I hadn’t met some really awesome people with some really awesome ideas these past few months. I owe them all my thanks. But right now. I just want to show you guys something. This is the outline of episode one. It was screenshot while I was in the process of adding actual writing into the app I’m using, so pay no mind to the word counts. I just want you to have a little bit of a glimpse of the plot in episode one.



I am… Ha… Extremely nervous and all too excited with how close to release this is getting. Hopefully by the end of the year. I mean, a lot sooner if I can keep up my current pace, but… I want to be cautious with making any predictions here. Shit keeps happening and I doubt it’ll stop now. :/

Still, guys, shit’s real. It’s happening. YEEEEEEE. ^_^

I better get back to my writing now before I lose my steam, but… I’ll be back tomorrow to make that lengthy post about the writing app I’m using. It’s really good. o.o


8 thoughts on “Look Who’s Finally Back!

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