Shadows Rise: Coming Soon(ish)

Hey, guys! Here’s an update and a small excerpt from Shadows Rise. Check it out and follow Written In Shadows to eventually read the whole story!


Written In Shadows

Hello, there! Blackbird here again with a couple of updates.

It’s going to be a little while still, but we are coming closer and closer to a release date for Shadows Rise. Writing is flowing a little bit easier and we’re four chapters away from the final chapter now. Editing is taking a bit longer, but it’s going. Ideally, I wanted to have episode one written and edited before we start posting anything, but if 2018 hits and I don’t have it, I will post it as I write, so there are no more delays. It’s not ideal and it might mean I won’t be able to post a chapter every week like I planned, but I just don’t want to delay it more than I absolutely have to.

That said, I feel it’s about time to talk a little about the story and what to expect from it.


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