Writing Is Writing

First of all, I said I was going to review something this weekend… And then I vanished. But I had to go out Saturday. And then I actually went back to writing; what I said I wasn’t going to do. I’m on a big roll right now. And that’s good, for the most part, but I’m also worried that I’m going to write myself into burnout, so I’m forcing myself to take breaks. It’s not always working. I actually WANT to keep writing right now. And, I’m sorry, but that makes it really, really, difficult for me to look at things like Hogwarts Exposed, Twilight, and don’t get me started on NITWIT. -.-

I will, though, go back to reviewing soon because I do need to take breaks and work is slow right now (again). So I think I’m going to look at some cartoons I’m into and actually delve a little bit into the topic of character development with those. Characters analysis is something I enjoy doing for myself, but I never actually wrote about it before. I might go into that as an exercise and as a way to get off writing mode for a bit.

Since I’ve binged Rick and Morty – all three seasons of it – this past couple of days. I might start with that. Because holy fuck. I think it’s been a very long time since I wrote about something I love on this blog. And this show is just… The best thing ever… I should’ve gotten to it a lot sooner.

Also, of all the shows I like, Rick and Morty is relatively short compared to things like Steven Universe or MLP. Plus, I don’t have to rewatch that much to make a character analysis.

And yes, there is a reason why I’m choosing cartoon characters for this. And it’s because I want to make a very serious point for people who like to use the argument of something being animated to excuse its lack of quality. If it’s children’s animation they excuse it by saying “oh, it’s for kids” and if it’s adult animation they excuse by saying “oh, it’s adult humor, it’s crude and not for everyone”. Yeeeah… Bullshit.

Here’s a principle that I go by. As a writer, when I’m looking at something critically, or even when I’m just trying to enjoy a movie… Writing is writing. If it’s great, it’s great. If it’s shit, it’s shit. The medium is completely irrelevant. The target audience is completely irrelevant. If a work is an expression of your ability, of your vision, as a writer… Then you don’t half-ass it. It doesn’t matter if your target audience is ten, twenty, or sixty years old. It doesn’t matter if it’s a crowd of people or just your mom. Be a fucking artist, listen to your goddamn critics, and improve. Honor your fucking trade!

So. I’m going to do a bit more writing before I go to bed tonight. I’m gonna lull myself to sleep with some YouTube videos and tomorrow I’m going to do my first Rick and Morty analysis. I’m going to start, I think, with Morty. I may change my mind after I rewatch some episodes. We’ll see.

And if I don’t show up tomorrow… Welp… Shadows Rise is holding me hostage. Don’t call the police. I will be back eventually.

I swear I’ll try to be more consistent once Episode One is complete. >.>


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