I Don’t Care About Who Wrote My Immortal

Wifey brought to my attention just yesterday the whole thing about… The supposed author of My Immortal coming forward. Since then, I’ve mentioned it to a couple of people and they asked me what I think of the whole thing.

Short answer: I don’t care.

Long answer: We’ll never know whether this Rose Christo woman wrote the freaking thing or not. Her whole story reads like shit writing. So even if she is lying about her background and why she wrote the fic in order to garner attention and sympathy… She could very reasonably have written it.

I’m glad her book deal got canceled, because honestly… This person has a shit ton of published books on Amazon. If you’re a published author who writes serious fiction, why would you want to cash-in on that trollfic you wrote a flipping decade ago? How desperate would you have to be? Yes, the book is still available for pre-purchase on Amazon, because anyone can sell whatever shit on Amazon without passing a background check. I’m not buying it.

I dunno guys. Honestly, I’m going to just enjoy My Immortal for what it is and just forget about all the stupid drama about who wrote it and why. I don’t care if Rose Christo wrote it, I don’t care if her story’s true or not and I definitely do NOT care if she’s mentally ill or Native American (although, this I doubt is true), or a goddamn attack helicopter. And I’m sure as fuck not reviewing any of her actual books.


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