I Don’t Care About “Boob Armor”

Another thing that keeps getting brought up to me.

“Oh, Bird, don’t you think ‘X and Y’ games have sexist armor design?”

No. I don’t give a shit. 

People assume that this is something I’ll care about because I’m a bit of a stickler for armor functionality. If I’m going to commission artwork for my characters I look for armor references that look good but a) are functional and b) make sense for them. I’m not outfitting my assassin characters with big badass metal boots and greaves because the entirety of Valcrest will hear them coming if I do. Looking awesome will not save you from getting stabbed in the face, unfortunately.

However, when it comes to pure artwork (say on deviant art) and game design, no I don’t care. People want their characters to look good. They have a right to want their characters to look good. Who the hell am I to impose on that? I may poke fun at it, but I’m not going to throw a fit about it. It doesn’t affect me. If you write it in your story or put it in your movies, I might call bullshit; but I’m not going to be angry about it. You do you, artists of the world!

Seriously. I really couldn’t care less. 😛


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