A fantasy writer’s guide to archery

Guys, check out this post. It’s got some pretty great archery info.


Richie Billing

Archery features heavily in fantasy; it’s one of the reasons why I love the genre so much. But I’ve learned—the hard way (always the hard way isn’t it?)—that doing your research when it comes to things such as this is necessary. Not only will you look like a genius for knowing crazy shit about bows, but you’ll have a tale enriched with pleasing detail.

I’ve done a bit of that research for you, and below you’ll find a nifty guide to all things archery.

The arrow


The anatomy of an arrow

The nock is to hold the arrow to the bowstring.

The shaft was sharpened into a point, or an arrowhead attached to the end. Early arrowheads were made from bone, stone or horn, with metal arrowheads like bronze and iron, developed later.


An ancient Greek/Scythian bronze arrowhead 

There were various ways of affixing the head to the shaft (I…

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