You Are Cordially Invited!


What: You are cordially invited to join Plotist, its team, and some guests, as we work to achieve our NaNo writing goals, and also raise money for the NaNoWriMo charity which brings free creative writing programs to many around the world. During the event we’ll have team word count challenges, writing sprints, guests, fun music (with thanks to ccMixter’s sister site Dig!), a chance for you to join us live on stream, and more.

When: Plotist is going to be hosting two nights. Saturday, November 11 and Saturday, November 25. Both nights will start at 9PM UK time and run for 12 hours. Timezone conversion for November 11 and November 25

Where: The Plotist Team will be streaming on their YouTube channel. Exact links will be posted soon and pass them on when I have them, but you can subscribe to their channel and get notifications for any live stream HERE. Boom!

So, yeah, guys… Plotist is running a NaNo event this Saturday and again on the 25th. I’m not officially doing NaNo, but I’m all for dangerous writing and hanging out with those guys is always a blast so you’ll definitely catch me there!

Whether you’re full-on participating in NaNo or you just think you might want to get some words in on whatever project you have going whilst hanging out with some great people, come join us! It’ll be fun.

And if you haven’t yet, check out Plotist. I cannot stress enough how much I love that site and the people behind it.


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