I’m a Zombie Now

Twelve hours writing stream, my dudes. It was insane.

It was insanely fun and I made insane progress. I pumped out a whole chapter and then some in one night. That’s three days worth of writing for me. Granted, I now have to edit this stuff and make it readable, but it was SO worth it. And so much fun. We chatted about writing and talked about our respective projects and gradually zombified from sleep deprivation… And Cthulu was there… And cat. There was cat.

It was genuinely a really nice experience for me because I don’t know any writers in my area (who aren’t assholes) and I’ve never actually done anything along the lines of writing with other people like this. It was a really cool experience. And I definitely plan on being there again on the 25th.

Check the post here for details and times if you’re interested. Come hang out with us if you’re doing NaNo, or not. I’m not. But I’ll be there working on Shadows Rise and showing off snippets of it in chat after every writing sprint. So if you want some insight into this thing that’s been consuming my life lately. That’s one way to do it as well. 😉

I have editing to do. I am so tired. Holy shit. lol

Later guys.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Zombie Now

    • I am pretty proud of myself, not gonna lie.

      And that’s commendable really. I only tried NaNo once last year and this year I decided to not officially do it, just set up smaller goals for myself, but… There was one person on stream with us last night who was aiming for 120k words for the month. They hit, I believe, their 41k mark during the event. Pretty nuts.

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