What I Will and Will NOT do in 2018

Because yeah, I have goals for this year that involve NOT doing certain things. Let’s start with the positives, though. What I WILL do:

1) Finish episode one of Shadows Rise

I think that’s self-explanatory. I want this released by July the latest. I have five chapters to write out (which, if the past months are anything to go by, is entirely doable) and I need to do some editing. By July. My birthday the latest.

2) Give feedback that I owe

This is a pretty serious one for me. I have things that I said I’d beta read or give constructive criticism on that I was unable to finish reading. This is horrible of me. I hate leaving people hanging. I hate letting people down. So I need to buckle up. And if I promised to beta for you or offered you feedback and didn’t deliver. I am so very sorry. I’m having a really hard time balancing my life right now. 😐

3) Find more work

I need money. *shrug*

4) Sleep better

I need sleep. *shrug*

5) Go back into reviews

Okay, so… Here is the thing: I’m still taking a break from the fan fic commentary, sporking, what you wanna call it. I’m going to sit down and decide what, if any of the review series I’ve started I want to continue. And go from there.

Twilight was practically a commission, so I am still doing that. Although my friend and I agreed that Shadows Rise takes precedence right now so I’ll throw one of those on when I can. Disney will continue eventually. Even though I’m not all that happy with them right now (*sigh*). Dreamworks may come into the picture eventually. As for MLP and Steven Universe… I need to think about it. I want to do it, I love those shows and I think there things to explore there: good and bad, from a writing perspective, but there are a lot of episodes. A LOT OF THEM. So I’m gonna pick one if any. And it’ll probably be MLP. There is more to talk about with MLP than SU at this point. Alternatively, I’ll just not do either anymore. RIP.

6) Assorted Shadows Series related goals

I’ll post about this in WIS at some point today or tomorrow. So if you care, go there and look for it. *shrug*

7) Have more fun

I worked myself too hard this year. It was good, it was productive, but probably not healthy? If anything, hanging out with my family this Christmas made me realize that I’m missing simple fun and interaction that I was shying away from all year simply because I needed to write another paragraph. 😐

8) Figure out my health stuff

That’s all you need to know about that. >.>

With that said… Here are some things I will NOT do anymore:

1) I will NOT offer or accept to read anything if I lack the time

I seriously need to not do that anymore. It’s bad for everyone involved.

2) I will NOT write or review things just because someone tells me it’d be fun

Too much shit to do already. So NO. I will fucking learn to say NO. NO. 😐

3) I will NOT watch/review/opinionate on the Emoji Movie

Look, I understand why people would expect me to. I live for horrible things. I love either laughing or bitching about terrible things. Regardless of how active I manage to be on this blog, that is a part of what makes my life complete. That said, I will not watch this movie. It doesn’t deserve to exist. It doesn’t deserve to be talked about. It, as a subject matter, needs to be scrapped off the fabric of existence.

Enough people already made a very convincing case for why this movie is a blemish on humanity as a species. It doesn’t need me doing the same. And I don’t need to put myself through it.

4) I will NOT get political ever again.

No one cares and it’s not worth my time.

5) I will NOT pressure myself too hard

Or at least I’ll try my best not to. 😐

6) I will NOT apologize for prioritizing my own projects anymore

I’ve done it too much this year. “Sorry I can’t write this for you”, “sorry I haven’t been around the blog more”, “sorry I haven’t read your stuff yet”. I am sorry, but I’m also human. I have my own hopes and dreams. And some of them involve obsessing over this goddamn RP I started over half a decade ago. Sorry-not-sorry.

7) I will NOT listen to judgment anymore

This story is good. These characters are good. I’ll continue to improve always, but the part of me that wants to agree with people who belittle my work or me personally for investing in it… Yeah, I’m stabbing it dead. It’s gone. I have no fucks to give to haters and non-believers anymore. Have fun spreading misery to other writers because I’m done.

8) I will NOT dwell on stupid things anymore

Or at least I’ll try my best not to. 😐

Now that I’ve made my dos and don’ts list for the year. Let’s look back on my list of goals for 2017 and see if I actually accomplished some of it. 😛

1) Finishing SOF this year: NOPE. I didn’t even add it to my goals for this year. SOF is on hiatus until further notice.

2) Start Publishing Shadows Rise by the end of February (the latest): That was way too optimistic of me taking into account the amount of work it needed.

3) Moving on with NITWIT commentary: Let’s not talk about this.

4) Moving on with the Disney Revisited reviews Did it.

5) Moving on with MLP and Steven Universe reviews: Maybe this year. 😐

6) List ten good things about the Star Wars prequels I’m steering clear of anything Star Wars from now on. Not worth it.

7) Try to give more writing and character development tips and advice. Did it. Sorta.

8) Offer more constructive criticism Did it. Just not as much as I’d like.

9) Start off Written In Shadows sometimes this month. Did it.

10) Sleep better: Eternal struggle.

11) Eat better and go out more: Eternal struggle number two.

So that about covers everything, doesn’t it, guys? I hope you have a great start to the year. Eat some food. Get drunk. Say goodbye to all your fears and regrets and start over. 🙂


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