On Being Alive And What’s Coming Up

Hey, guys!

It’s been a long while, hasn’t it? Sorry about that, but I had to prioritize some things. Even then I feel I’m not making the level of progress I want as quickly as I want. Such is life.

Shadows Rise is headed for an opening post soon. I’m not done writing later chapters, but we will be releasing earlier chapters as fast as we can edit them to an acceptable level. This was one episode out of five. And I’m hoping it will be well-received. Or at least read enough that it doesn’t feel like a wasted effort.

That’s my one gigantic fear about all this… That despite all the interest people seem to show whenever we discuss Valcrest and this series, when it comes to actual readers, it’s not gonna go that well. Doesn’t help that I’m shit at advertising my own writing and I know it. The RP had a lot of give and take. Both with fellow writers and with occasional readers. And it kept us wanting to move forward and do more. It pretty much brought us to think “Yeah, making this into an even larger project seems worth it!”. Because we’re insane, self-important, idiots. Bless us. 😛

Real life is eh. Working is eh. Lack of work is worse. I have plans and, hopefully, those come through for me, but I’m not optimistic, to be honest. I’m getting by trying not to think about it.

Focus on what is possible, on what is real right now, and let the future be whatever it has to be.

Anyway, that’s it for now, just a little update. Hopefully, when I come back I’ll have some concrete good news to share. 😀


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