10 Facts About Valcrest

We’re posting 10 fact about Valcrest every day until the launch of Shadows Rise!

Written In Shadows

Shadows Rise begins in less than a week. And since we are so excited we’ve been counting down the days, we thought it would be interesting to post some random spoiler-free facts about Valcrest. There’s a lot of ground to cover in five days, so lets get started.

1) The Sun sets in the South and rises in the North.

This is one of many oddities we added with the sole purpose of making sure this world isn’t the same as the one we all know.

2) Valcrest is VERY old.

It’s the year of 2019 for us. Technologically advanced as we are, we are babies compared to Valcrest. The current year when Shadows Rise begins is 2524. And that is counting from when their calendar begins. Valcrest itself might actually be around 6000 years old.

3) Speaking of that calendar…

Valcrest’s calendar has 392 days in a year (393…

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