10 More Facts About Valcrest

10 more facts about Valcrest!

Written In Shadows

Four days until Shadows Rise begins! Here’s 10 more spoiler-free facts about Valcrest. And if you missed yesterday’s post, you can click here.

1) Valcrest has been isolated for a long time

Despite residing in the center of  the continent, Valcrest’s relationship with its neighboring countries is virtually inexistent. From the inner conflicts plaguing it since its earliest days to the bizarre ways magic operates within its borders, most foreigners tend to avoid going into Valcrest unless strictly necessary.

2) City life isn’t the only option

Whether we’re talking about Blackpond or Newhaven, living in the Cities can be costly and difficult. For that reason many people choose to live outside of City-bounds as wanderers. There are also several factions one can hope to join, though they each have their own laws and customs to follow and generally won’t take in outsiders unless they’re able to pull their own…

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