Another 10 Facts About Valcrest

Written In Shadows

We’re gonna run out of titles for these posts by tomorrow, aren’t we? Oh, well…

If you missed the first two posts you can find them here and here.

1) The Valcrest pantheon consists of 16 Gods

Mother, Father, and their 7 pairs of Twins are the Gods that make up Valcrest’s mythology. However, only the Twins are actively worshiped in Valcrest.

2) Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon were the firstborn Twins and the basis of Newhaven society and religion. While Sun is more widely known and worshiped, Moon has a small-yet-strong following all across Valcrest, mainly amongst vigilantes and thieves.

Worshipers of both Twins tend to have a strong sense of justice, however their perceptions of right and wrong may conflict in certain matters as Moon worshipers tend to be of the opinion that doing the right thing is more important than keeping within the boundaries of the…

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