Uprise 1.02

Written In Shadows

SR 01[Chapter 1.01]

[City of Blackpond, Lacus 26th, a little past Midnight]

Sebastian lay back against his pile of blankets. The rush of adrenaline that kept him on his toes earlier in the evening left his body with a soft exhale. Only a multitude of aches and a dull wave of exhaustion remained. The small flame crackling in the fireplace wouldn’t last through the night, but it warmed the room well enough for now. The warmth in the air combined with the vapors emanating from the open liquor bottle formed a mist in the boy’s mind, almost comfortable enough to make him forget the night’s ordeals; like nothing ever happened. Right now, Sebastian just wanted to sleep; or, at the very least, pass out.

“So, you think you broke that guard’s knee cap?”

Kyle’s question took an instant to register fully, but once it did, Sebastian let out an…

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