Uprise 1.04

Written In Shadows

SR 01

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[Abandoned Outpost, Lacus 27th, Sundown]

The air became exponentially colder as night began to fall. Insulation in the Western tower wasn’t the best, and the small fireplace Gerald had built the previous year generated barely enough heat to ease the chill of winter. The man had settled down in a chair near the flames with a cup of warm tea in his hands. His green eyes were fixated on the woman sitting behind the wooden desk across the room. The look she gave him in return brought unpleasant memories of their first meetings—as did the stony silence permeating the air between them.

Gabrielle Porter was, in the simplest possible terms, dangerous. Not cruel, not unreasonable by any means, but not someone whose wrath anyone would like to instigate. Three years of companionship, shared sacrifice, blood spilled together. Gerald understood those were the reasons he…

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