The Heart of The Forest 2.1

Arc 2 of Shadows Rise is finally live!

Written In Shadows

Shadows Rise

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[The Heart of The Forest | Spiritus 10th, 2525 | Late Night]

Claire sat at her desk, leaning over documents long rendered useless by the engrossing darkness. Her fingers toyed with a small silver band, watching the metal glimmer under the moonlight infiltrating the cracks along the walls. The office door was closed for the first time in days. Outside her cabin, the forest lay dormant. A soft breeze caressed the trees, raining down dried leaves across the ground and whispering false promises of safety to unassuming travelers. Being born within these woods, becoming part of the dangers lurking in its shadows, Claire held no illusions of safety. To her, home was just that: beautiful, tranquil, dangerous.

The pitter-patter of bare feet and the creak of a floorboard caused her to straighten in her chair, placing the silver ring on the desktop…

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