The Heart of The Forest 2.11

Hey, guys! I’m a little swamped with work right now. So while I don’t get cracking on another review, maybe consider giving Shadows Rise a go. The latest chapter just came out this Sunday. And if you haven’t been keeping up, you can start from chapter 1.01 by clicking here!

Later, Guys!


Written In Shadows

Shadows Rise-RR

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[Wolves Camp | Inviditas 11th, 2525 |Early Morning]

Lena woke up to Eldric’s snores ringing in her ears. She opened her eyes to a still-dark room and maneuvered her way out from under his arm. When she’d finally called it a night, he was already sleeping; passed out in his clothes and sprawled across her bed as if he belonged there. The past month had been an exercise in patience when it came to accommodating Eldric. He snored loudly, hogged the blankets, and proved himself quite disruptive of her daily routine in general. Not yelling at him for trying to ‘organize’ her books to pass the time one rainy afternoon demanded a level of restraint she didn’t know she possessed; yet despite all the aggravations involved with sharing her private space, she’d gotten used to it faster than she thought.

A small shiver coursed…

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