Extremely Annoyed

I have no idea wtf I’m even doing with life right now. I checked the info on this medication I’m taking at it’s got all those ‘do not drive or operate heavy machinery’ warnings on it. Which, I guess combined with the decongestant explains this semi-comatose state I’m in right now. But ugh.

I hate taking meds. I really do. Swallowing pills and being groggy and just feeling off altogether. It sucks. Granted, it’s less horrible than piercing pain in your ear, but still an inconvenience. I had to warn my commissioner that the translation work is going to be a bit late, which… I don’t like to do that, but… I can’t possibly produce anything coherent right now. I can’t. I literally dreamed I was being chased by miniature hippos at some point while trying to review Dumbo… And the part that troubles me is why it wasn’t even goddamn elephants. My brain can’t even produce a fucking fever dream right lately.

Well, I don’t have a fever, but you know what I mean. -.-

How’s your week going, guys? Good?


Back To Work, I guess

Hey, guys! My apologies that the Dumbo review is still not out. I’m treating that ear infection and I’m on heavy antibiotics. And my ear is getting better, but I just want to sleep. And I have six days worth of pills to swallow still. So… Sorry if I’m a little behind.

I actually have a translation job going right now that I need to prioritize because; money, but I’ll get the review done as soon as I can stay awake long enough. :/

Later, guys.


I Have An Interesting Reputation…

So, I was going to start writing my Dumbo review right now, but for some random reason I decided to look at the blog’s stats. I used to do that pretty often, but… After a while I stopped. Because I didn’t want to depress myself by staring at the results of my inactivity. I mean… This blog grew a lot while I was posting every day, but in the past year and a half now, yeah. I know. I’m aware. -.-

Regardless. I decided to have a look at what my most viewed posts are and I was glad to discover that they were all review posts. My second most read post on this blog is my Snow White review and after that is a mix of horrible fan fiction and random reviews of things. My most viewed post, though, is Astral Hell, which… I guess people Google search that a lot. There’s no other reason. It’s just a post about me feeling like crap the month before my birthday. It’s… Pointless really. ­čśŤ

I’ve also looked at the most used search terms to find the Nest. Most of them were unknown; as you’d expect, and several were specific post names which I guess some people stumbled upon and didn’t remember where they saw it. Some search terms were, eh, a lot more entertaining.

There were a plethora of My Immortal quotes here, but my favorite of the bunch were “you stupid poser muggle bitch” and┬á“then…… he started coming!”. “It was tom bombodil” is a good one too. Really, My Immortal is just a gift that keeps on giving and I’m so happy it’s become such a significant part of my life. I regret nothing. >.>

Then there were the really ‘I can’t believe I’m even remotely associated with this’ terms, such as… “adam gontier love story fanfiction” (seriously, I know I want to kidnap him and stuff, but… love story fanfiction? Come on, I have a reputation to uphold here >.>), “avril lavigne facts” (she sucks; that’s a fact for you. =.=), “angelo rulez fucking sister” (there are two versions of this, one with the correct spelling of ‘rules’. I… I don’t even know, man. I just ranted about hating that show once… Why are people finding me by looking up rule 34 of this shit?), “spongebob porn fanfics” (*sigh* this one’s entirely my fault).

My top favorite though…

“memes for people who are jealous of me” – This needs to be an actual post I write one day. ­čśŤ

“i don’t get the appeal of buffy” – Glad I’m not alone in this. >.>

“hilarious sarcastic commentary of hogwarts school of prayer and miracles” – Why, thank you. >.>

“i only platonically ship” – #JoinTheMovement!

“why i would never be a feminist” #Don’tJoinTheMovement!

“what does it mean when it feels like it’s friday” – That’s a fucking good question.

And last but not least…

“basically f*** you” – I want this on my grave one day. ­čśŤ

So there. I got super distracted laughing at this. I’m probably going to take my meds and pass out now and won’t get that review finished tonight.

But at least I had fun.


About Freaking Time

I had an early morning trip to the Doctors this morning and turns out the excruciating pain and dizziness I woke up to were the product of an ear infection. So here I’ve been; hopped up on antibiotics and feeling like shit all day. I decided I’m gonna do what I used to do as a kid in these occasions.

I’mma watch cartoons!

So I’m finally watching the next movie in my Disney Revisited list; Dumbo! Expect a review in the upcoming days, if I can’t manage it tonight.

And here’s a question for you guys… Since this series is called “Disney Revisited”, should I leave out Disney flicks I actually haven’t watched before? Such as… Say… The Princess and the Frog?

Should I do all of them and just rename the series?

Should I do all of them and not rename the series and stop nitpicking like an idiot?

Let me know what you think. ­čśŤ


Another One On My List

Remember over a year ago when I said I wasn’t going to watch the new Ghostbusters movie because I thought it was shit and shouldn’t exist? Despite not being so angry anymore, I still believe that and I haven’t watched it. And IF I ever decide to review it, I have no shame in admitting it, I will not be paying for it. I will pirate this movie if I ever watch it because fuck everyone who made this movie.

And this is not something I would normally do. I will always try to pay for media; always, but when I feel something is genuinely┬ánot worth giving money to and I’d be putting myself through it just for the sake of either saying I did it or being able to fairly say that I hate it… I don’t want to pay for it.

Much like I said that I would only review the Twilight series if someone bought me the books because I didn’t want to pay money for it. Remember that? That totally didn’t blow up in my face there. >.>

That said… I will not be paying money to watch The Emoji Movie. And if I ever watch it, I will shamelessly pirate that shit, because honestly… I wholeheartedly believe the people who conceived this movie did so in hopes┬áof banking on people paying to find out just how shit it is. And I refuse to be one of those people. I am not paying money to watch this movie.

I will probably never watch this movie if I can help it. Because movie reviews aren’t my favorite thing to do and I have a lot of much better things to review in that sense. A lot of better more Disney things. >.>

So yeah. I want a record. August 9, 2017. That’s the date I vowed to never watch (or at least never pay to watch) The fucking Emoji Movie.

Because fuck everyone involved in making this movie.

And fuck their feminist agenda. It’s a goddamn Emoji Movie, are you fucking kidding me with this shit?


Well Then

A lot of things happened this past couple of weeks. Not all of them were great and they’ve all been a little bit too much change a little bit too fast.

My head is spinning and it’s been extremely hard to stay focused on anything that isn’t strictly necessary to my survival. Mainly, food, water, sleep and the eventual paid work; gladly that’s improved slightly although not enough.

I don’t want to get into particulars because a lot of this stuff is not quite set in stone yet, but some changes to come may involve┬ámoving residence and a gigantic amount of financial┬ástress in a nearby future.

The one thing I wanted more than anything was to have more personal space, but I’m pretty sure the exact opposite of that will result from this, which… Sucks majorly.

It’s entirely beyond my control though. It’s just gonna happen how it needs to happen and if only I manage to stop having stress nightmares anytime soon, I’m sure I’ll be able to handle it. -.-

I’m gonna try and post some fan fic commentary at some point in the middle of the night because… That’s the free time I have right now during the week. ^^”

I have notes on my next Twilight review all done, just haven’t gotten around to writing it yet.

I’ll post some actual content when I can is what I’m saying.

Hope you’re all doing okay, guys.


It’s Monday! I’m Back!

Hey, guys!

Well, turns out I didn’t need a wrist brace, but I was advised to take it easy. I iced my wrist once a day in this past week and it still hurts, but only barely. I’m slowly going back to work on the pile of things I have now pending. I’m going to start working on this new commission project possibly this weekend and once I’m done with it I’ll go back to Hogwarts Exposed. Lots to say about that. -.-

My brother was here the past week and it was so much fun. He left this morning and I already miss having him around. *sigh* Stupid Sweden is so lucky to have him. >.>

My nephew’s birthday happened, it was fun, we gathered up the family and had a barbecue. We ate too much laughed, played darts and shot toy bows with the kids, it was great. And now my birthday is coming up. So there’s gonna be a little bit of a fuss about that even though I don’t really want to do anything. I don’t feel like it this year, but the family’s already made plans. So fiiinee. XP

I hope you all are doing well and happy in your neck of the woods.