Hogwarts Exposed Chapter 02 (With Commentary)

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Hey, guys! Been a while, I know. I had a sinus infection, was on medication for a while and now my sleep schedule is a bit fucked so I’m trying to get back into the habit of sleeping at night like a normal person. It’s being a bit tough. -.-

Looking at my stats for the past couple days, I see that someone binge read all my fan fic commentary posts and… Buddy, if you reading this: I’m really, really, sorry. I hope you’re still somewhat mentally stable. o.O

And with that said… Oh, boy. Shit is gonna get weird this chapter!

*Warning for: Nudity, inappropriateness, and just being fucking weird as hell.*

Nothing too mentally scarring yet, but I would advise not reading this where people might come up and read over your shoulder, lest you end up having to explain some shit.  😛

Seriously. >.>

Let’s get started!

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Hogwarts Exposed Chapter 01 (With Commentary)

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[WARNING: This fanfiction is R-Rated for violence and sexual conduct. And for once, it’s really not kidding. First chapter is pretty boring, though, so don’t worry about gouging out your eyes today. :P]

Hey, guys! I don’t know if I’m going to make this into a series or not, but… Heh. I decided I needed a palate cleanser in-between NITWIT posts or I would just grow increasingly angry and thus make increasingly shitty commentary. I’ve been asked to do this fic back when I was doing the My Immortal Vs. Christan Potter thing and I said I wasn’t gonna do it, but after what I’ve been through lately; why the fuck not.

Some information on this fic:

It was written between Goblet of Fire and Order of The Phoenix. It thus follows events from two other fan fic series which I have not read, but based on this one… I’m gonna go on a limb and say were pretty dumb. Nonetheless they are “Mists of Time” by Nightfall and “The Psychic Serpent Trilogy” by Barb Purdom.

I’ve never read too far into this the first times I tried because I was honestly bored with it, but… People keep telling me it’s the most disgusting Potter fic they’ve ever read. So don’t think my eye gouging comment up there was a joke. If I continue with this, you better heed every warning I give, and follow through at your own risk. A rule to follow in life is that if I call something disturbing on this blog, you better freaking listen for the sake of your sanity.

The author’s name is ‘Neil’. I’m sure he’s a… Fascinating individual… >.>

Let’s get on with this thing…

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