In This World and the Next Chapter 05 Part 01 (With Commentary)

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Welp. This goes into the part of this fic I haven’t previously read. So I’m more than prepared to lose whatever’s left of my cool. Yeah. You thought I was angry before? You guys better hang on to something, because it’s all new for me at this point.

Since I will be reviewing Twilight chapter by chapter soon, I feel like going into this might help not hate that experience so much. Because this literally makes me angrier than even Twilight has. And that’s a goddamn feat.

Also, back when I started My Immortal, I used to do several posts in one night and then schedule them. These chapters are so long and they piss me off so much that it takes me a week to get through one half. :/

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In This World and the Next Chapter 03 part 02 (With Commentary)

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Hey guys, been a while, huh?

Sorry this took so long, but this one really bugged me and… I was having trouble giving better commentary than just… Angry rants. As much as I do often angrily rant, I actually try to be sensible in my commentary, but this one was too difficult. So I had to stop and take some time off. Coming back to it, it wasn’t much better, so I’m sorry if the commentary for this part isn’t so great, but I just have to push through it if I want to move forward with this series.

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In This World and the Next Chapter 02, part 01 (With Commentary)

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As you can see by the title, I decided to split these chapters. I didn’t do this with the first one because I needed to get to the point where they travel back in time in one go, or else you wouldn’t be able to grasp the exact kind of insanity we’re dealing with here.

I cut this chapter off in a very specific place too, just to instill Doom with an extra sense of dread (you’ll see what I mean XP). I’m not sure yet if I’ll do the rest of it in one go or make the whole chapter a 3-parter. I’ll see about it when I get there.

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In This World and the Next Chapter 01 (With Commentary)


Hello, new commentary series! I was hoping to find something non-Harry Potter for this, but this one was just too god-awful to ignore. This fan fic was suggested to me by a friend with the warning that this is ‘the stuff my HP nightmares are made of’. I thought Christian Potter already was that, but this seems to trump that in his opinion. He also informed me that szaleniec1000 at Red Pen Reviews posted about this fic, and that guy having been an inspiration for this commentary thing, I decided following in his footsteps was sort of fitting. No, I haven’t read his posts on this, and only read the fic itself up until chapter 07. After that, I go in as blind as I did on Christian Potter. I’m sure we all remember how well that turned out.

If after finishing my translation project (tomorrow) AND posting on SOF I find I’ll have the time and/or energy, I’ll choose something non-HP to comment on alongside this, but this is going to be my main ‘fan fiction commentary’ thing for the length of its glorious 26 chapters.

Now, there are two reasons I decided to go for this fic and the first was the ‘not for Weasley fans’ warning. As you all may have gathered during my rage fueled comments on School of Prayer and Miracles, I am a massive Weasley fan. Another thing was the author’s bio:

I saw the following quote accredited to Professor Brian Cox and thought it applied perfectly to fan fiction too.

“The problem with today’s word is that everyone believes they have the right to express their opinion AND have others listen to it.

The correct statement of individual rights is that everyone has the right to an opinion, but crucially, that opinion can be roundly ignored and even made fun of, particularly if it is demonstratively nonsense.”

I mean, they’re practically giving me their blessing, so make fun of it I shall.

Speaking of the Author; credit where it’s due. This wonderful piece of fiction was written by user robst, and since this writer seems to a) be an actual real person unlike the ‘author’ of Christian Potter and b) take his stories seriously, I’ll do my best not to extend my commentary to his/her person. We can all be respectful here, right?


Enough chatting then… Let’s get on with it.

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