My Little Pony Reviews Season 01: ‘Friendship is Magic’ parts 01-02

I’m happy most two parters on this show are “something-something part 01 and 02”, this is possibly the longest titled post in this blog to date without me having to write out two different titles. ­čśŤ┬á

Hello, guys. I’m sick as hell and even though I want to do some more serious writing I just.. Meh, you know? So I decided to get started on some cartoon reviews with MLP.

Since this is the first one of these, let me explain how I plan on doing it; I’m going to rate the episode on a┬áscale from “horrible” to “excellent” and then I’m going to talk about why.

[Horrible < Bad < Meh < Okay < Good < Great < Excellent]

Things I will take into consideration when doing this will be character consistency, plot, morals (this is a children’s show after all), humor, and last but not least, my personal enjoyment. Some ‘not so great’ episodes in this show actually entertain me quite a bit and even though I want to be impartial, I know I can’t help giving those episodes some points for it. I will talk about songs, seeing as this show has some really great songs (yes, I will post videos), but they won’t count toward or against the episodes’┬áratings. I will also, for funsies, pick out who is ‘best pony’ in each episode I review. =P

Fair warning: I’ll be covering both episodes in one post (as with most two-parters), so this is gonna be a long post.

So let’s begin.

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If Your Character Was… MLP Edition

I’ve been watching a lot of MLP lately guys, you should have seen this one coming.

Now before we get this started let me make clear I’m disregarding genders, species, age, any physical traits whatsoever when making my judgment here. This is a cartoon about ponies… I shouldn’t have to explain this. >.>

*glares at the voices* I want to hear no mockery or complaints about my choices. It’s just a game, lighten up. =.=

“Why do I sense you’re about to give me a reason to complain?”

*smirks*You know why.

*groan* “Just get it over with.”

If you say so, Lukey. lol

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