Things I’d Like To See (More) In Fiction

I’m tired and character analysis takes time and attention span (I am doing it, though). So have this nonsense instead. ­čśŤ

1) The main characters not getting together portrayed as a good thing.

“Hey, uhm, so, we’re clearly attracted to each other and I’m not gonna pretend I don’t see it, but… The world nearly got exploded, reality as we knew it is a lie, and I think we might both have PTSD. So how about you hit me up in a year or so? I’m going to find myself a good therapist. I suggest you do the same.”

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Top 21 (?) Steven Universe Songs (Part 02)

Part 01

So, I messed up and actually did 11 songs in the last post instead of 10, because I can’t math at all apparently, so… I’m still doing ten in this one anyway. Sue me. ­čśŤ

9.5) Don’t Cost Nothing/Empire City – Mr. Greg

I’ve had discussions with my nephew on this, but I still count this as one song. And seriously, how awesome is Greg? He’s got 10 million and he just doesn’t need anything, he’s just happy being with his kid. I love my family, but I just want this guy to adopt me please. >.>

“And let’s bring Pearl!” < greatest moment in this show. lol

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Top 20 Steven Universe Songs (Part 01)

I’ve been binging some of these songs today and decided to make a little list. These are in order of preference, but… It changes sometimes. And I love almost every song in this show so much that a simple top 10 wouldn’t do. So here are my top 20 favorite songs from Steven Universe.

20) Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart – Laser Light Cannon

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Greg’s singing voice, but honestly, I love all his songs. This is the first one and it’s so silly and sweet and I love his embarrassed face in the episode when Steven asked to hear it. He’s just such a lovable dude.

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10 Horror Films That Genuinely Scare Me

I’m not talking about movies that scared me when I was a kid, either. These are movies that I genuinely cannot watch if I plan to sleep at night. I’ll definitely be watching some of them this Halloween…

10 – The Original Friday┬áThe 13th

I know what people usually say about this; how can anyone be genuinely scared of a slasher film? They are so over the top and stupid!

Weell… That’s true. And I don’t know what to say about this, except this was literally the first horror movie I ever watched and Momma Voorhees made a very lasting impression on me.


Seriously, Jason’s got nothing on her! o.o

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How Are These People Alive? (FB Edition)

Remember my last post when I wondered how the human race isn’t extinct?

Yeah, let’s explore that a bit further. Because I can’t sleep again and decided to just go looking for some displays of stupid from around the internets… Let’s post the greatest hits. >.>

I Blame James Cameron For This Shit


Now, there are a bunch of these ‘Titanic was or wasn’t real’ posts around, ┬ábut I picked this one for two reasons. One; this person isn’t wondering whether the events happened, she is questioning whether the movie is a fucking documentary, and two; drounding!?

Also, you do realize some people survived the Titanic, right? It says so right in the fucking movie you’re thinking may possibly have been recorded by someone’s primitive iPhone.

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A List Of Words I Can’t Say/Hear Without Laughing

1 – Swooping (Dragon Age is at fault here, I swear)

2 – Bubbles (Try to say it and sound angry. I dare ya. It can’t be done.)

3 – Strumpet (yes, I know what it means)

4 – Squishy (there are many reasons)

5 – Arse (I like saying this, makes me sound like a pirate, sorta. :P)

6 – Doodle (It’s fun to say. Dooooodle.)

7 – Squiggly (ditto)

8 – Ditto (ditto!)

9 –┬áTurd (yes, I am a child)

10 – Harlot (again; I know what it means)

11 – Soliloquy

12 – Don’t laugh

13 – It’s not funny

14 – Stop laughing. -.-


Music Covers That Should NOT Exist

A little while back, Wifey showed me Disturbed’s cover of The Sound of Silence, by Simon and Garfunkel and; while I loved it, the original is still my favorite. The two versions just give me entirely different sets of emotions, which thinking about it, is great, but makes a comparison extremely difficult. So I’m not gonna say the original is better, I’m just gonna it’s my favorite.

While re-watching that video; here it is by the way:

I went into thoughts of what covers I believe to be better than the original and which should never be done.

For instance, I believed; strongly, I might add, that Bohemian Rhapsody was a song that should never be covered. EVER. That it was just blasphemous to mess with perfection.

Then I saw this the other day and holy shit:

Is it better than Freddy Mercury? No. But this was, honest to God, so good it made me cry a little bit. So it’s safe to say my preconceptions are changing, yes?

And I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of Panic! At The Disco; or their stupid exclamation point, but Brendon Urie can really fucking sing. And I love that guy.

Buuut… We’re not here to talk about stuff I like, are we? No, we’re here to talk about the stuff that makes me cringe. Because that’s what you all like, right? For me to suffer a little? Pffft, I know you do. However I’ll do another post for covers I think are actually better than the original at a later time.

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Random Lists

Found some old notes with story snippets and stuff like that. Amongst those snippets were the following little lists:

RPs with scary names:

1 – High School never ends (I mean… WTF)

2 – The Haunting of a Fish (O.O)

3 – Colorless Color (colorblind nightmares)

4 – Anime Drama (emphasis on ‘drama’)

5 – Jericho’s Brain-Vomit (iw, vomit)

6 – STEREOTYPE FANTASY (if the title itself isn’t scary, the caps surely are)
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Stalker’s Day Music List 2016!

Alright guys, today is THE day. Stalkers Day! WOHOO! And as I once mentioned before, there’s nothing to get you in a proper Stalkers Day mood than some creepy music! Hell yes!

Now, while my previous list was about more unintentionally stalkery music; for the most part. This one is going more along the lines of throwing subtlety out the window and bringing out the full on stalker-creepy love vibe!

And I thought I’d start with a reader suggestion given on my last list. Louis from VA suggested this song and I mentioned I might know it; turns out I did and yes… We need that on this list. So without furthe ado…

Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart

Now there’s a much shorter version of this video (singing on this one starts at about 4:40 minutes in, if you’d like to skip), but I thought that for stalker vibe purposes this one was much better because it basically forces you to ‘silently’ follow this woman around for four and a half minutes. It’s an interesting experience. >.>

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Top 10 Favorite Michael Jackson Music Videos

It was too hot in my room last night. Weather forecast is promising some rain in the upcoming days, but uuuungh…. Can’t sleep. Ended up going to YouTube for the night and one thing led to another… MJ video list!

Note that this is my personal favorite list and that is for my favorite videos, not my favorite songs necessarily.

10) Billie Jean (1982)

Why is Michael some weird magical vanishing being, who is that creepy dude in the trench coat and whose kid is it? I need answers, video! ^.-

According to the internets┬áthis song is about some crazy lady who stalked Michael back in the day and claimed he was the father of one of her twin boys. Yep. Just the one; not both. Somehow I think that wouldn’t have held up in court very well. Either way, it’s a pretty incredible song and it’s an awesome video.

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