I’m So Tired

I’m so tired. I’m so fucking tired. I have never been this tired in my life ever. Holy shit I’m tired.

I wanted to write a real post, but honestly… The only thought currently in my mind is that I’M SO FUCKING TIRED.

Hope you’re having a good week, guys.



Shadows Rise: Coming Soon(ish)

Hey, guys! Here’s an update and a small excerpt from Shadows Rise. Check it out and follow Written In Shadows to eventually read the whole story!


Written In Shadows

Hello, there! Blackbird here again with a couple of updates.

It’s going to be a little while still, but we are coming closer and closer to a release date for Shadows Rise. Writing is flowing a little bit easier and we’re four chapters away from the final chapter now. Editing is taking a bit longer, but it’s going. Ideally, I wanted to have episode one written and edited before we start posting anything, but if 2018 hits and I don’t have it, I will post it as I write, so there are no more delays. It’s not ideal and it might mean I won’t be able to post a chapter every week like I planned, but I just don’t want to delay it more than I absolutely have to.

That said, I feel it’s about time to talk a little about the story and what to expect from it.


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Johanna: *clinging to a cup of tea* “…”
Gerald: “I think Jo’s been upset enough by this round of questions.”
Johanna: *smiles weakly* “It’s okay. I’m okay.”
Gerald: *gives her shoulder a squeeze, not looking at all convinced* “Take a little time. Okay?”
Johanna: “Okay.”
Gerald: “…Sex.”
Johanna: *coughs loudly into her cup of tea*

I play this forum question game with my characters and… lol… Apparently, Gerald doesn’t see where it might be a problem to answer the next question while in the middle of calming Jo from a panic attack.

Ironically, the question was what makes you uncomfortable to hear other people talk about. *sigh* Oh Gerry, you clueless little bastard. lol


Look Who’s Finally Back!

My freaking muse! lol

I think I’m starting to feel like myself again, guys. I wrote over 600 words in one sitting today and I’m still going. And it’s nice, clean, smooth writing. It just flows. God damn it, this is the shit! Hello, inspiration… Good to see you again… Where the fuck were you these past two years? -.-

I want to stop and write a lengthy post on the tools I’ve been using to write Shadows Rise. I have to say, I don’t think this thing would have lifted off the ground if I hadn’t met some really awesome people with some really awesome ideas these past few months. I owe them all my thanks. But right now. I just want to show you guys something. This is the outline of episode one. It was screenshot while I was in the process of adding actual writing into the app I’m using, so pay no mind to the word counts. I just want you to have a little bit of a glimpse of the plot in episode one.



I am… Ha… Extremely nervous and all too excited with how close to release this is getting. Hopefully by the end of the year. I mean, a lot sooner if I can keep up my current pace, but… I want to be cautious with making any predictions here. Shit keeps happening and I doubt it’ll stop now. :/

Still, guys, shit’s real. It’s happening. YEEEEEEE. ^_^

I better get back to my writing now before I lose my steam, but… I’ll be back tomorrow to make that lengthy post about the writing app I’m using. It’s really good. o.o



Hey, guys!

I’m almost back. I’m borrowing my brother’s laptop while my new charger doesn’t come and reviews will continue to be on hold because I don’t have a lot of the material I was reviewing here. Only on my still dead computer. -.-

I hope it’ll be working fine when I finally manage to power it again. I mean, with my luck… *sigh*

In the meantime… It’s good that I have this computer because… Work keeps piling up on me. It’s cool that people think I’m worth hiring and want me to do things for them, but holy crap, man! I just want to sit down and write I am so far behind on EVERYTHING I set out to accomplish this year!


There are worse reasons to be behind in writing, and I would know, so I definitely shouldn’t complain. I’m just… Feeling the strain. 😛

And I miss my computer. Adjusting to someone else’s keyboard is a fucking chore.

Hopefully next week I’ll have it back and then I can actually get on with actual reviews and other content. If real life doesn’t get to me first. -.-

Later guys.


Lefty Problems

The only thing that honestly annoys me about being left handed is constantly running my hand over the page while writing. There is no avoiding an ink stain all over the side of my hand. That’s definitely not something I missed from the days I wrote everything by hand, that’s for sure.


Also… The insane amount of ideas I’ve had just because I have no way to put them into practice right now. Ugh. 😛


On My Stupid Phone

Hey, guys!

So… My laptop charger is dead. Not ideal. At all.

I’m posting this from the WP app (actually pretty neat tbh), but my phone isn’t good for much overall, typing on it is fucking annoying and, worse of all, I have no access to my writing, my notes, or anything that might allow me to do actual work.

I’m also cut off from Doom and Wifey since neither Skype or Discord will work on this piece of shit phone (if either of you read this… Say hi… I’m horribly bored).

So, yeah, that’s my situation. I don’t think I have the patience to keep making posts like this, but I wanted to let you guys know.

Later, guys!


Disney Revisited Part 03 – Dumbo (1941)

Movie Title: Dumbo

Release Date: October 23, 1941

Based On: Dumbo by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl

First Impression

I was really, really young when I first saw this movie and it honestly made no impression on me. I mean, I vaguely remembered it being cute and that was about it.

My Impression Now

I’m not sure what to think of this one. It feels like such a step back in terms of… Everything… compared to Snow White and Pinocchio. And seeing as it came out following something like Fantasia (a movie that I honestly couldn’t place on this list, but I will come back to eventually), it’s so unbelievably underwhelming. The music feels so incredibly dull and generic that it even pales in comparison to When You Wish Upon a Star; which you may recall I referred to as boring in my review of Pinocchio. The animation style looks much older than something like Snow White. This is especially apparent in the sections with the circus train. The way the train moves honestly made m think back to that Steamboat Mickey Mouse cartoon from 1928. Overall, while there was such love and attention to detail pouring out of every single frame of the previous entries in this series, Dumbo honestly feels… Very half-assed. :/

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Extremely Annoyed

I have no idea wtf I’m even doing with life right now. I checked the info on this medication I’m taking at it’s got all those ‘do not drive or operate heavy machinery’ warnings on it. Which, I guess combined with the decongestant explains this semi-comatose state I’m in right now. But ugh.

I hate taking meds. I really do. Swallowing pills and being groggy and just feeling off altogether. It sucks. Granted, it’s less horrible than piercing pain in your ear, but still an inconvenience. I had to warn my commissioner that the translation work is going to be a bit late, which… I don’t like to do that, but… I can’t possibly produce anything coherent right now. I can’t. I literally dreamed I was being chased by miniature hippos at some point while trying to review Dumbo… And the part that troubles me is why it wasn’t even goddamn elephants. My brain can’t even produce a fucking fever dream right lately.

Well, I don’t have a fever, but you know what I mean. -.-

How’s your week going, guys? Good?