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This page is where I’ll post my non-blogging projects. For the moments it’s just the RP series, but my novel will be added when time comes for that, as well as other projects I plan to involve myself with in the future. Have a read and click the available links if you fancy showing me and my partners your love and moral support. 😉

The Shadows Series

The Shadows Series is a roleplay series, which I run and have been developing with a group for about, hmmm… Nearing five years now.

It is set in the land of Valcrest, a small country in the center of a, yet unnamed, continent where magic is common and develops in the form of an ‘enlightenment’; one single magic power characteristic to its bearer, or ‘enlightened’ as they are called. Valcrest has been plagued by war from the eraly days of its creation and from the five great cities that once stood there, only two remained: Blackpond and Newhaven. Despite brief moments of truce, their rivalry hasn’t waned and the two cities continue until now to engage one another in pointless battle at every given chance. Outside of the cities’ domain, there are a few independent factions camped around the land; in the forest, the plains and the desert. These factions try to stay out of the conflicts, but more often than not end up caught up in the War as well.

Shadows of The Enlightened, the first RP in the series, centers around a group of assassins from a clan called the Wolfpack, struggling to keep their encampment safe and hidden after a serial killer’s murders is pinned on them, which results in a bounty being placed on their location. They believe their best bet is to track down the real culprit, but when they find him in the place they least expected, weell… Things don’t end as well as they hoped it would.

Shadows of The Past takes place about a year after the events of SOE. The Wolfpack is in a tough situation: Now under a new leadership and attempting to hold their own against the fearsome Black Knights; Newhaven’s deadliest forces, they need to not only attempt a peaceful resolution to their conflict, but also tend to their own internal struggles in order to survive.

Meanwhile Newhaven is caught between pursuing the assassins and fending off the advances of the rival city of Blackpond. All of that while trying to maintain order in the city after the death of its king.

Blackpond sees itself in a position to take advantage of Newhaven’s situation and win the War once and for all, if only they can keep the assassins engaged in the conflict, but their King might find out the hard way that he’s not the only one calling the shots in the city.

Shadows of The Forgotten (currently in progress) takes place three years after the end of SOP. The events of the previous RP had our main cast from the Wolfpack split from the clan and go into exile in the desert to seek shelter with the Crimson Shadows; a group of loud and over-friendly mercenaries. Meanwhile the city of Newhaven is still adjusting to its new ruler and rebuilding from attacks suffered in the War with Blackpond, while Blackpond itself lays in ruins under the rule of a vicious king and a mysterious group of assassins. To top it all off, all of the enlightened of the land seem to be experiencing some odd, debilitating symptoms… Can Valcrest actually unite in order to save itself? I don’t know! We’re still writing it! 😛

Become a Fan:

The Shadow Series has a small fan base consisting of friends who either hear me blabbing about it, or have taken to reading the story. They are very vocal about things sometimes, which adds to the fun for me. So I’m going to leave here the links to the RPs and my invitation to anyone who wishes to become a fan as well.

We have plans to rewrite this and maybe make it into an actual series at some point, and that will involve some major rewrites, but for the moment… Just keep in mind that this is recreational writing. There will be errors we didn’t bother to go back and fix, occasional inconsistencies due to players leaving and a lot of things you might consider pointless filler or just plain weird. This isn’t a novel, this is us being crazy and having a blast. Know what you’re reading and read it with kindness in your heart. Any feedback from readers is always loved and appreciated, so feel free to use the comment section

Shadows of The Enlightened (Complete)

Shadows of The Past (Complete)

Shadows of Forgotten (still running)

Have fun. 😉


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