Into The Shadows

Hey, there! Whether you found this blog through my fan fiction commentary, my Disney reviews, or… This random post I made about being sick before my birthday (I don’t know why Google likes that one, but it gets people here. :P), I’m assuming you clicked on this page because you found some enjoyment in it. If so, maybe you’d like to know what else I do outside rambling about cartoons and terribly amazing writing.

Well. I’m one half of a writing team. And we have some great content you might want to check out.

Shadows Rise is an ongoing web serial, set in the land of Valcrest. Most veteran readers of this blog will recognize Valcrest as the setting of an RP series I had going for a really long time. Shadows Rise takes place roughly 25 years prior to that story line. So all those RP characters you’ve grown to know and love won’t be in this one (don’t worry, SOE is coming though!), but if you want to know the origin of everything I’ve been rambling about in this blog for the past… I don’t know how long… Click the image below to start reading.

Shadows Rise

Image credit:  Violeaf-MnF, on deviantArt

Other than the web serial itself, Written In Shadows is where all things Valcrest will be posted from now on. Chapters come out one the 1st and 16th of every month, we have some cool posts planned; both by myself and my writing partner, detailing our process, and we are very open to feedback and discussion. So feel free to explore, follow us, and give us your input. We want to build an active community around our writing more than anything else, so your presence is very important to us.


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