Horrible Reasons I’ve Had Characters Killed In The Past

1) Because

All serial killers have to start somewhere. >.>

2) Main Character Angst

Not edgy enough. Killing loved one will make it better. Flawless logic.

3) Couldn’t Justify Their Existence

 Who even is this person? Oh well, down this random cliff with them.

4) Straight Up Got Bored

This story needs something. *randomly gets character stabbed to death* Much better.

5) Suddenly Realized I Forgot About Them For Half The Story

“Oh hey, so there’s where you’ve been all this time!”

– One paragraph later – 

“Oh, no, you’re dead!” 😐

6) Specifically To Make Readers Cry

Hey, look at this precious human being you’ve been gradually falling in love with for pages worth of story! NOW WATCH WHAT I DO WITH THEM! *EVIL LAUGHTER*

Don’t worry, guys, I’ve grown up a lot since any of these things happened. I assure all character deaths from now on are well thought out and serve an important purpose in the plot of my stories.

Honest. 😐



Shadows Rise Teaser: Gabrielle Porter — Written In Shadows

Hey, guys! New Shadows Rise teaser is out on Written Shadows. Introducing the leader of the Wolf Hunters. Please go check it out. 🙂


Hey, guys, Blackbird here! We had decided that we weren’t posting any one-shots here, but the closer we get to finishing episode one of Shadows Rise, the more I want to share little snippets and teasers with you guys. Thing is, the chapters still need a round or two more of edits and I don’t want […]

via Shadows Rise Teaser: Gabrielle Porter — Written In Shadows


Johanna: *clinging to a cup of tea* “…”
Gerald: “I think Jo’s been upset enough by this round of questions.”
Johanna: *smiles weakly* “It’s okay. I’m okay.”
Gerald: *gives her shoulder a squeeze, not looking at all convinced* “Take a little time. Okay?”
Johanna: “Okay.”
Gerald: “…Sex.”
Johanna: *coughs loudly into her cup of tea*

I play this forum question game with my characters and… lol… Apparently, Gerald doesn’t see where it might be a problem to answer the next question while in the middle of calming Jo from a panic attack.

Ironically, the question was what makes you uncomfortable to hear other people talk about. *sigh* Oh Gerry, you clueless little bastard. lol


Random Fiction – Time Heals

Indrani stood in the middle of the training arena, her figure partially slouched as she held on to her scythe for support. The lower blade of the weapon sank into the soft sand from the woman’s weight. Her bare shoulder pressed into the dull side of the upper blade as she forced herself to stand upright, marking a thin line onto the exposed skin. She closed her eyes and breathed in slowly, letting the warm desert air fill her lungs. It flowed past her lips in a shaky exhale. And it hurt. Everything still hurt. The rest of her clan had grown tired of trying to force their leader into rest, resigning themselves to keep a close watch on her instead. She did a very good job of ignoring their watchful eyes and focusing on nothing other than her breathing.

It was the middle of the afternoon, the sun was burning high and while a soft breeze was starting to lift puffs of sand from the desert ground, it was in itself warm like the air from a furnace. She could feel a thin layer of sweat between the palms of her hands and the grip of her scythe, she could feel the shooting pain trying to make its way to the forefront of her mind.

Pointless distractions.

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Character Interview 2.5: Crys and Ali

Friends Forever Interview

So, remember when I did this for Luckas and Annie? Yeah, some time ago someone told me how their friend started reading the RPs and that in their own little headcanon they ship Crys and Ali. I thought that was kinda odd, but alright, let headcanons be headcanons I guess. Still, I thought it’d be funny to do this interview with the girls and see how they react to the ship.

So let’s begin. XP


1. Hey there, what are your names?

Ali: “Ali”

Crys: “Crys”

2. Great! And your ages?

Ali: “I’m 20.”

Crys: “25 here.”

3. How long have you two known each other?

Ali: “Holy crap, it’s been ten years!”

Crys: “Wow, it’s only been ten years? It sure feels like a lot longer sometimes.”

Ali: “Oh, haha.”

4. Has anyone ever told you that you two would make a simply adorable couple?!

Ali: “What? No. That’s a really weird thing to say!”

Crys: “I don’t think Jakey would be on board with this at all.”

5. Yes, yes, I can see it now! The two of you, aged 34, living in a large house with two little tykes running around, calling you motherly nicknames!

Ali: “Ugh, please stop that.”

Crys: “Really, you’re freaking us out a bunch.”

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Random Character Questions (Shadows Rise Edition)!

Don’t get too excited, these are all spoiler-free useless questions. I just want to take a break from stuff and procrastinate for a bit. >.>

These were all taken from “OC Growth and Development” on Tumblr.

1) Which OC deserves to be taken seriously?

Lena. That sounds like an odd thing to say about Lena, but eighteen-year-old Lena is constantly being the voice of reason… To rocks and trees. Because no human beings are actually freaking listening.

2) Which OC has those expressions that everyone makes fun of?

I’m not sure if they mean expressions as in ‘figures of speech’ or as in ‘facial expressions’, but I’mma go with the latter because it’s what I initially thought it was.

Huh… I don’t think they’d actually make fun of her for it, but I imagine Johanna. I mean, she’s the most physically expressive character in the story, mostly due to almost not talking. A lot of her silent communication is just making faces at people and assuming they understand why she’s glaring or wiggling her eyebrows at them or whatever. lol

3) Which OC says “If you die, it’s your fault” and which one says “I welcome death with open arms”?

Both sound like something Gabrielle would say. Although she does feel responsible for the Hunters and she’d hold herself accountable if they were to die… She’s the kind of person that if she respects you as a warrior she will never think that you need her to protect you. And if you die is because you failed to protect yourself. And that’s on you.

The second one is self-explanatory.

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Trying To Write Someone Else’s Characters…

First I was like…



But now I’m like…


Seriously, I don’t know these people I’m trying to write and it’s really frustrating. And I know what you guys might be thinking: “Oh, Bird, then just don’t write them. Why do you have to do that?” Well… Because these characters are great, their writer gave me control of them when she left SOF and I simply left them sitting in the background because I was too much of a coward to try and write them then.

And you know, I think that because I like these characters so much it makes it worse. I could just make them mine and write them my way, but I’m so attached to how they were written before that I’m just never happy with it. Yeah, that’s something I need to make my peace with. They’re always going to look like I’ve been writing them from now on.

Hey, I’m determined. I can do it… Somehow… 

Wish me luck. o.O