My Little Pony Reviews Season 01: ‘Friendship is Magic’ parts 01-02

I’m happy most two parters on this show are “something-something part 01 and 02”, this is possibly the longest titled post in this blog to date without me having to write out two different titles. 😛 

Hello, guys. I’m sick as hell and even though I want to do some more serious writing I just.. Meh, you know? So I decided to get started on some cartoon reviews with MLP.

Since this is the first one of these, let me explain how I plan on doing it; I’m going to rate the episode on a scale from “horrible” to “excellent” and then I’m going to talk about why.

[Horrible < Bad < Meh < Okay < Good < Great < Excellent]

Things I will take into consideration when doing this will be character consistency, plot, morals (this is a children’s show after all), humor, and last but not least, my personal enjoyment. Some ‘not so great’ episodes in this show actually entertain me quite a bit and even though I want to be impartial, I know I can’t help giving those episodes some points for it. I will talk about songs, seeing as this show has some really great songs (yes, I will post videos), but they won’t count toward or against the episodes’ ratings. I will also, for funsies, pick out who is ‘best pony’ in each episode I review. =P

Fair warning: I’ll be covering both episodes in one post (as with most two-parters), so this is gonna be a long post.

So let’s begin.

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A Quick Update Before Our Scheduled Programming!

Hey, guys!

I’m due for another NITWIT post and trust; that will be up by Sunday night. Actually, it’s gonna def be up tomorrow at some point. Today I’m going to get started on those MLP reviews I said I’d do. As for the Steven Universe reviews I mentioned… While the show is down to one episode a week, I’m going to wait for it to go into hiatus and then start reviewing from episode one. And, unlike MLP, I’ll probably review ALL of them; two at a time, since they’re 11-minute episodes (with the exception of Bismuth). The reason I’m reviewing all of them is that, to me, all of them have at least one noteworthy thing about them. Either that or something that becomes plot relevant later. I honestly don’t know how to skip episodes when talking about this show.

For MLP, like I said, I’m going to do season openers, notable episodes, and then season finales.

For both shows, as much as I LOVE them, I will point out things I consider flaws and will do my very best to be, you know, unbiased, about tearing into them.

So today you’ll get a review of Friendship is Magic, parts one and two! And then tomorrow NITWIT. And maybe I’ll try to keep that a weekly thing, although… I’m not gonna make any promises. =P

It’s worth noting that I’m a lot better; mentally and emotionally, even if my allergies are starting to kick my ass (yay, Spring!); heck, I’ve even been sleeping better and waking up before ten during the week, but I’m still hoping to start a course or two and get picked to do some more work soon, so I can’t predict my schedule. I’m not one of those people who can do a million things in a day. Unfortunately. >.>


Romantic Vs. Platonic Shipping

Hey, guys. I finished watching all the Steven Universe! And how have you been these past couple days? 🙂

So, I have a friend in Australia who is, in his own words, a major shipper. I introduced him to MLP just some time ago and he had all the ships in his head after finishing season one.

We disagree on a lot of them, but I won’t get into it.

He also gave me some, uh, insights on what he thinks would be popular shippings in the Shadows series if it should grow a larger fan base. That was horrifying, to say the least, but… I accept it as an occupational hazard.

I’m not as much of a shipper as he is, but I don’t shy away from it either and personally, as much as it bothers me a little when directed at my characters, if only because of how much I connect with them, I am all for shipping. I mean, to me the most interesting part of any good story is the intricacies of character relationships, be them romantic or otherwise. And yeah, when I ship characters is not always necessarily a romantic ship, sometimes it just means that I feel the relationship between those two characters is not explored enough in canon, and I’d like to see more of it.

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Ponies Vs. Valcrest (And Maybe a Little Disney)

Alright guys, uhm, I’m going through a bit of a something. I don’t want to get into it; I’ll talk about it later if I have to, just know that it’s personal and it’s the main reason I’ve been so caught up in My Little Pony as of late. I mean don’t get me wrong; I’ve always loved that cartoon, but right about now… I wasn’t lying when I said I need that smile song.

That show has a way of taking my mind off of things that other; less childish, things just don’t. So bear with me for a bit.

That said, another thing that is equally effective is the RP and since right now is not my turn to post I’m going to alternate my blog posts between MLP reviews and Valcrest related posts. I’ve been meaning to write out some explanations to the world, factions, magic and how it works, things like that, for a while now. I figure might as well do it now.

I know I said that I would continue the Disney Revisited, and I’ll try to get one of those in every now and then too. Next movie should be Dumbo (it was Fantasia, but I decided to skip it for now), and I’ll see when I can get the time to stop and watch it.

And the MLP reviews… I know I go on and on about that show, more than usual lately, but I do intend to make these reviews serious. I won’t review EVERY episode, though, I’ll be doing the seasons in order, starting with the season opener, notable episodes that season (good and bad), then a season finale. And when I say ‘notable’, I mean from a writing standpoint, not based on my personal enjoyment. Because to be honest, there are rare episodes in that show I don’t enjoy in some way (still, they do exist), but as a writer, certain things are either atrocious or outstanding to me and I plan to focus on that.

It’s not something I just now decided to do either, I’ve thought about it back when I started watching the show, but I didn’t go through with it, because honestly everyone reviews MLP, on deviant art, on YouTube, maybe even here on WP; I haven’t checked, but I might, so it felt redundant. However, I still have it in my mind to do it after all this time and I just finished the Horrible Potter commentaries, so might as well. *shrug*

I did a pony related thing last post (granted there was a bit of Valcrest in the mix, but not enough), so next one up is a Valcrest themed post. Time to go into what the factions are with a bit of depth, starting with the White Shadows. Shall be fun. You’ll see.


See, Annie is excited. 😛


If Your Character Was… MLP Edition

I’ve been watching a lot of MLP lately guys, you should have seen this one coming.

Now before we get this started let me make clear I’m disregarding genders, species, age, any physical traits whatsoever when making my judgment here. This is a cartoon about ponies… I shouldn’t have to explain this. >.>

*glares at the voices* I want to hear no mockery or complaints about my choices. It’s just a game, lighten up. =.=

“Why do I sense you’re about to give me a reason to complain?”

*smirks*You know why.

*groan* “Just get it over with.”

If you say so, Lukey. lol

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