Pointless Filler Vs. Character Development Pt. 01 – Storm In The Room

This is not a review. I am going to be talking about a Steven Universe episode here, but the topic of this post goes a little bit beyond that. If you could all be so kind as to bear with me throughout, I’d really appreciate that. If you really, really, really, don’t like Steven Universe, though, or if you just don’t care enough to read about my reasoning… Wait for the next post on this topic.

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Top 21 (?) Steven Universe Songs (Part 02)

Part 01

So, I messed up and actually did 11 songs in the last post instead of 10, because I can’t math at all apparently, so… I’m still doing ten in this one anyway. Sue me. ūüėõ

9.5) Don’t Cost Nothing/Empire City – Mr. Greg

I’ve had discussions with my nephew on this, but I still count this as one song. And seriously, how awesome is Greg? He’s got 10 million and he just doesn’t need anything, he’s just happy being with his kid. I love my family, but I just want this guy to adopt me please. >.>

“And let’s bring Pearl!” < greatest moment in this show. lol

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Top 20 Steven Universe Songs (Part 01)

I’ve been binging some of these songs today and decided to make a little list. These are in order of preference, but… It changes sometimes. And I love almost every song in this show so much that a simple top 10 wouldn’t do. So here are my top 20 favorite songs from Steven Universe.

20) Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart – Laser Light Cannon

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Greg’s singing voice, but honestly, I love all his songs. This is the first one and it’s so silly and sweet and I love his embarrassed face in the episode when Steven asked to hear it. He’s just such a lovable dude.

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Steven Universe Reviews Season 01: Gem Glow/Laser Light Cannon

Hey, guys! Apparently, Hiatus Hell is upon us, so time to start my Steven Universe reviews, woohoo!

I’ll try to do one or two of these posts a week, with two episodes each¬†since these episodes are shorter than MLP ones. I think that with MLP I can pick and choose what episodes to review, but SU is one of those shows where almost everything is connected, so I feel like skipping episodes might be a risk. I will skip Say Uncle, though, because I hate Uncle Grandpa with a fury and I just refused to watch it. Besides it has been officially called non-canon, so I’m okay with never having to watch it. >.>

I’ll also share a few of my ships and theories along the way as we go further into the¬†plot and we reach character development posts. I have a lot of opinions on this show, as well as some theories and observations that my ten-year-old nephew pointed out to me during our viewings together which were great.

The ratings will be the same as the MLP reviews. If you don’t remember, here they are:

[Horrible < Bad < Meh < Okay < Good < Great < Excellent]

Much like the MLP reviews, I’ll always talk about the songs, but they won’t factor into an episode’s rating.

So let’s begin. ^.^

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The Dark Age of Animation Argument

It’s bullshit. I see this on the deviant art forums and other places on the internet and it’s complete and utter bullshit.

This argument is, of course, that the quality of animated shows has been decaying over the past years to a point where there will be no good shows left in a near future. People who use this argument are saying things like “Oh, soon we’ll be left with nothing to watch other than things like Star Vs. The Forces of Evil (it’s on my watchlist, haven’t checked it out yet) and Steven Universe…”

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A Quick Update Before Our Scheduled Programming!

Hey, guys!

I’m due for another NITWIT post and trust; that will be up by Sunday night. Actually, it’s gonna def be up tomorrow at some point. Today I’m going to get started on those MLP reviews I said I’d do. As for the Steven Universe reviews I mentioned… While the show is down to one episode a week, I’m going to wait for it to go into hiatus and then start reviewing from episode one. And, unlike MLP, I’ll probably review ALL of them; two at a time, since they’re 11-minute episodes (with the exception of Bismuth). The reason I’m reviewing all of them is that, to me, all of them have at least one noteworthy thing about them. Either that or something that becomes plot relevant later. I honestly don’t know how to skip episodes when talking about this show.

For MLP, like I said, I’m going to do season openers, notable episodes, and then season finales.

For both shows, as much as I LOVE them, I will point out things I consider flaws and will do my very best to be, you know, unbiased, about tearing into them.

So today you’ll get a review of Friendship is Magic, parts one and two! And then tomorrow NITWIT. And maybe I’ll try to keep that a weekly thing, although… I’m not gonna make any promises. =P

It’s worth noting that I’m a lot better; mentally and emotionally, even if my allergies are starting to kick my ass (yay, Spring!); heck, I’ve even been sleeping better and waking up before ten during the week, but I’m still hoping to start a course or two and get picked to do some more work soon, so I can’t predict my schedule. I’m not one of those people who can do a million things in a day. Unfortunately. >.>


Oh God I Wrote Fan Fiction

At five in the morning. On a dare. I had been good for over thirteen years, but now I fear I’ve gone back down a very dark path. o.o

*chuckles* Okay, I may be overreacting. And no, I’m not going to post it here, but I am going to link it. It’s in my deviant art. So here it is. It’s Steven Universe. It’s Lapidot (platonic, though). It’s mostly dialogue and not all that great. But yeah, it’s a thing I actually did.

God damn it, Steven Universe. You did this to me! >.<


No More Late Night YouTube For Me!

I had this dream a while back that all fictional worlds were ‘leaking’ into the real world. Which resulted in a Voldemort-Donald Trump alliance attempting to take over the world. And me, my friend, and some of our characters, with a little help from the cast of Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings, were trying to find and kill them both before it was too late.

We played giant Wizard Chess in this high up suspended platform where if you got knocked off the board you’d fall to your death at one point and we may or not have managed to gather a half-decent army to fight by the time I woke up.

Last night I dreamed something similar, only instead of Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings, it was more Undertale and Steven Universe and… A little bit of Assassin’s Creed. ^.-

So I was in this AC2-crypt-like place with my characters Jake and Luckas and we’re doing puzzles to get through doors and shit, like in the AC2/Brotherhood crypts, but there was no actual exit only different portals that led to different places inside this giant temple-like place. Outside the crypt was really pretty, more like an SU kinda vibe, like it could be a Gem temple of some sort. There was sunlight going in somehow, even though I couldn’t actually see the sky, and there were lots of magical doors that we had to figure out how to go through. There was also a lot of places with red or yellow flower beds which were a bit more Undertale-like to me.

Anyway, we finally go through this one portal, the only one we could figure out how to go through, and it led us to this shed-looking room. And there were body parts everywhere and shit. In comes Grillby¬†and he calmly tells us that he can’t let us leave because now we know his secret. There’s a door, but we can’t for the life of us get through (maybe it was a ‘fire exit’ like in the game and only Grillby can use it, cause he’s made of fire?). Grillby leaves us there for a while, Jake and Luckas start arguing, because that’s what they do and then… suddenly… Lapis Lazuli. No kidding. And Crys is with her so presumably that’s how they found us. So Crys explains that she was with Wifey and Ess when they came across Lapis and Peridot who were trying to find the other Gems because someone was trying to unbubble¬†the Cluster, but they came across Gem mutants and got separated. And then Luckas starts acting weird and talking about how he came across this freaky flower creature when he ‘fell’ (so even outside the crypt we were underground still, somehow? I don’t know!) and it rambled about wanting to take his soul and end the universe or something like that. So apparently Flowey¬†wanted to use the Cluster to explode Earth because why not, and then I woke up.

Eh… Yeah… That was weird as hell, but I kinda want to know how it ends now. =.=

– Lapis and Crys together is the epitome of badassery in my book now.

– I’m really sorry for Wifey and Ess if they were stuck with a freaked out Peri through all of this. Hopefully we found them soon.

– Where the fuck are Frisk or Sans or Toriel when you need them?

– Flowey is an asshole, leave the Cluster alone!

My mind gets weirder by the freaking second, I swear.