10 Video Game Songs I Actually Love

Hey, guys! I know it’s been a while. I honestly thought I’d have more time with the pandemic, and being in self-imposed isolation for my own sake and that of my mom who is more at risk… But the truth is, being cooped up hasn’t helped me stay productive. I’ve been having my ups and downs in regards to mental health, so, I’ve been concentrating my efforts on my fiction writing so Shadows Rise doesn’t come out late.

I’ve had a lot of ideas for posts on here, I just haven’t had the focus to actually write them out, and, yeah, this is one of them. One of the things my family has been doing lately is a daily music challenge. A different category every day and we each send a link to a song we like related to that category. It’s been fun sharing music, remembering childhood favorites and having a good discussion around it.

This got me thinking about sort of an unpopular opinion of mine though… I don’t like video game soundtracks. At least, I don’t like just listening to video game music outside of playing the games. And a lot of the time when I played PC games as a kid I’d turn the music off and put a MP3 playlist on instead. Now, that’s not to say there isn’t video game music I like. There absolutely is. Even if I don’t listen to it outside the games themselves, there are several video game soundtracks that I absolutely love.

Rules to this list:

  • One game per franchise
  • Original game music only; no covers or fan remixes.
  • Licensed mainstream music that wasn’t created for the game doesn’t count, obviously.
  • This is a personal list, so if you don’t agree… Okay. Make your own.
  • Also, I’m going to start off with games I played as a kid and try to follow somewhat of a chronological order. This isn’t a ‘top #’ type list. I enjoy all of this music in no particular order of preference.

Alright. Let’s start.

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Long Never Ending Debates: Altair Vs. Ezio

I bought Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed 2 during the Steam “Summer” Sale. It felt wrong to have Brotherhood and Revelations on my Library and not the first two games.

I’m a great Assassin’s Creed fan until this day. That’s possibly due to the fact I haven’t played the series past Revelations and I am yet to play that far into Revelations, so no spoilers in the comments. 😛

Being a great AC fan also, my brother and I had many discussions over the fact I keep saying I like Altair more than Ezio and he goes on and on about all that’s great about Ezio and AC2. AC2 is still my favorite game in the series; hell even if the only improvement over the first game was the ability to swim, I would have loved it. It’s not about which game is better though. I find Altair the more interesting character. That’s what it’s about.

I mean… Altair is an unlikable asshole, throughout the first half of Assassin’s Creed all I could think of was “WHY AM I HELPING THIS GUY!?”, but by the end of the many, many, many repetitive missions and obsessive flag collecting… I grew extremely fond of him. I mean, Ezio wasn’t an assassin in the beginning of AC2. We go through that whole learning process with him and that’s a great ride, but it’s not different from many other games where you learn the ropes as the characters do. Altair was a high ranked assassin who still had so damn much to learn about himself and the world in the general, and we get to experience that. The tutorial missions in Masyaf where we learn to pickpocket (I still suck at it) and eavesdrop and intimidate… It’s punishment for Altair. It’s beneath him; or so he believes. Replaying the game (as I briefly did today) adds to that experience for me, because all I can think of during this initial phase is “yeah, yeah, I KNOOOW…. Let me go and stab people already!”

Despite my love of Altair and my fondness of this game though… I’ll always rage and curse over the fact that he CAN’T FUCKING SWIM!


I mean why… WHY… send us to kill a guy on a motherfucking BOAT… If the freaking character can’t SWIM!? WHY?


God I’m gonna have to replay that mission eventually… God damn it Ubisof-… O_O FLAG! *jumps off ledge, lands on a templar and starts a gigantic commotion*

I regret nothing.


How Will I Ever Get Stuff Done

Steam suggested a game to me… It’s called Lego Worlds.

Here’s a kitty characterization of my face when I saw the store page for that game:


I went on YouTube and I saw one of my favorite Minecrafters had some videos of gameplay and I watched them.

Simply put; I want this game.

I didn’t know if I could run it though. I went to CanYouRunIt and it told me I couldn’t. However that site is a bit… well… full of crap. Because it tells me I can’t run Skyrim or Diablo 3 or AC: Brotherhood/Revelations and I CAN. It also tells me I can run The Witcher which I purchased on a sale a while back and as it turns out I CAN’T RUN THAT. Sooo I did the next best, although slightly dishonest, thing; I downloaded a cracked copy of the game.

I played for like 10min yesterday and then 10min today because my nephew wanted to see it. I am in love with this game. I mean you can insta-build a goddamn castle! In 10min of running around I rode:

– A goat

– A cow

– A different type of cow

– Sheep

– A Polar Bear

– A husky

– A Camel

– An Ostrich (hilarious btw)

Long story sort; if it doesn’t want to kill you, you can ride it. I also rode a bike, drove three types of car (horribly) and flew a plane. Oh, and boats.

For me though the most important part is that you can build almost anything, you can be almost any type of character you encounter in the world… And there are dragons. And you can ride them. And they shoot fireballs…. Yep. And it’s in early Beta which means there’s going to be a lot more stuff.

So yeah, the pirated copy has to go… That was for testing purposes only… but the question here isn’t if I’m going to buy this… it’s WHEN. I’m gonna need to buy a mouse to be able to do any proper building, but…. WAAAANT.

This may actually be better than Minecraft and more addictive than Skyrim. O_O


Nostalgia Gaming

I haven’t been wanting to do much these past couple of days. It’s not a “I don’t want to be productive right now” type of deal, it’s more like I don’t want to do anything. It’s a mini bout of depression maybe; wouldn’t be the first time. So I’ve been watching this guy play DOOM on Youtube for three days straight. Yep.

If you’re not familiar with DOOM, then… Well… Think of every gory game you’ve ever known and every shooter you’ve ever known… DOOM is the reason they exist. Simple as that.

When I was a kid I loved watching my brothers play that game. And later playing it myself. Wolfenstein 3D and the first two DOOM games were the only shooters I ever enjoyed. Well… I sometimes fooled around a bit with Rise of The Tried (RoTT), but… I never seriously played it. I’ve completed DOOM and DOOM II on Ultra Violence difficulty… Not with 100% everything, but still… I’ve completed them. Wolfenstein 3D on the other hand… Is still pending. That game is a fucking maze and it has no map at all, sooo… Once I reach a certain point I start to get mentally exhausted, especially in higher difficulty settings. I’ve actually not gone past episode 3. There are 6 of them if I’m not mistaken. Not to mention it’s got a sequel called Spear of Destiny that I am yet to play. And yes there are the newer games… Return to Castle Wolfenstein, The New Order and there’s one more now I think… Same with DOOM 3 and now 4, but… It’s not the same and I can safely say I’m never gonna play those, ever.

And you know Wolfestein was a controversial game because of the Nazi imagery and stuff. To be honest though, the only thing I have aproblem with in that game is having to shoot dogs. Like, these German Shepherd puppies that attack you… The dying puppy noises were very realistic to me and they made me sad. >.>

Rest in peace, Fido. T.T


Dragon Age Logic

I just realized that while claiming to have been framed for the King’s death I have my fellow Grey Warden Alistair wearing said dead King’s armor.

If someone at any point in the game were to actually notice this I think “we took it from the darkspawn” wouldn’t be an acceptable excuse however true. :/

I’d love to see a mod that adds that dialogue during the landsmeet… Loghain just points at Alistair (or whoever may be wearing the armor set) and goes “Look, he’s wearing Cailan’s armor!” and the guards just murder us for treason like we’re a dumb serial killer that walks around wearing their victims personal items like no one could ever possibly connect that to the murder. >.>

Just saying, that would be funny.


ZzZzZzZzZzZz…. O.O I’m awake!

I’ve been sick and drugged the past few days, so… Not a lot of posting going on. Apparently I considered doing a fan fiction challenge in that time. Hmmm. Think I vaguely remember that. ^.-

I always wanted to do a crossover between Dragon Age and our RP characters, maybe I’ll give that a try since I’ve been playing the game obsessively lately. lol

Although it’d have to just be my characters… If I bring Wifey in on this things might get out of control. Hmmm… Maybe…

I’ll deliver OM something if the deadline’s not too strict…. My writing pace lately has been shameful. >.>

I still feel groggy from the medication, but I do feel better which is good. It’s the decongestant my doctor prescribes that makes me a zombie. I don’t know why; it’s actually not advised to take it at night since it may prevent sleep, but my reaction is the complete opposite of that. It happens to some people I’m told, so it’s not to worry, but holy crap.

Headaches are all but gone and the sneezing is slowly subsiding. So hooray for that.

On the other hand it’s almost 3pm and I’m yet to have any lunch. :/


This Game Is Trolling Me

Dragon Age always find a way to put my character in awkward situations… I thought it was a bug of some sort the last time I played that Leliana seemed to think she and Gabriel were in a relationship, even though they weren’t. And now my current Warden, Owen, is pursuing a romance with Leliana and somehow Morrigan seemed to think she had a claim on him and bitched about them sharing a bed; which, as far as I’m aware, never happened.

Okay, fine, whatever… So Owen dumped Morrigan, she wasn’t happy… He went off and killed her mom so now they’re friends again and shit. I thought that was over with, but now it seems Zevran’s romance is active and if I click on him for anything he wants to give Owen a… “massage”. Meanwhile Leliana is on jealous bitch mode and if I click on her she makes Owen choose between her and Zev.

Either way I go I lose a ton of approval with Zev.

Regardless, when I talk to Leliana she says things like “you told me there was nothing between you and Zevran” and “you lied to me, I can’t trust you”, when, you know, none of that happened. If it was up to me Owen would dump her ass and go with the elf, but since I actually give my characters their own little personalities in games like these… *sigh* he doesn’t want to, he fancies the bard. Meh.

I could just… not talk to either of them for the rest of the game. That’s a thought.

You can’t make me have ‘the talk’ again, game! I refuse. >.>


I Don’t Know How I Manage

I’ve not posted anything yesterday because somehow I managed to hurt my hand… While sleeping… And I mean really hurt my hand. I think I slept on my arm and my thumb bent in some weird way, I dunno, it hurts. Yesterday I could barely move my thumb without crying in pain. Today, lots and lots of ice later, it feels A LOT better. Not 100% and still quite painful, but good enough to write a little bit.

I could still play Dragon Age just with my left hand (being lefty helps a lot) between wasd keys and touchpad, but I wasn’t in the mood for long questing and decided to play some of the DLC campaigns that came with my game. This version I got came with ALL the DLC, so there’s a bunch of stuff I haven’t played yet… And I decided to play The Darkspawn Chronicles and see what that’s like. Welp… You play as the Darkspawn invading Denerim. It’s very challenging strategy-wise because Darkspawn are slow and equipment upgrades are practically non-existent, so… more challenging foes need some level of thinking to get through. I tell you though… There’s something awfully satisfying in viciously murdering every character you learned to know and love in the main game. And all those annyoing NPCs too. >.>