24 Questions Black People Have For White People (Answered)

My Australian friend sent me this after reading my Race/Ethnicity/Nationality (or whatever I titled it) post… And I decided I want to answer it. I’m a white person. I’ll answer your questions, nice black people of Buzzfeed! Let’s have a conversation.

If you don’t want to watch the video, that’s fine; I’ll be listing the questions, but… I’d watch it if I were you. This is fucking hilarious.

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Weird As F*ck Ads

It was past 5am when finally got off the computer and I thought, maybe I just wasn’t awake enough and was imagining the really creepy ads google was giving me for some reason. You guys should know that Google ads often go off of you browser history to give you ads you might relate to. Having a writer’s browser history more than often gives me some interesting advertisements, but this seems like something out of Joffrey Baratheon’s wet dreams.

Like seriously…


I get the crossbows, I was researching crossbows; again, trying to figure out a character’s weapon design, but the half naked anime doll and the frilly dress? Uh… What? I was particularly curious about the doll so I clicked it. And… Yeeeaah… What?

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Society pisses me off. It does.

I know, I know… I’m gonna have to be a bit more specific. And you guys are probably going to think that this is a stupid thing to post about. You’re right. It is.


I’m going to write that again just to let it sink in… Manspreading.

I’ve heard of this. I think I saw some ‘news’ headline on the internet about police taking action against ‘manspreading’ in the NY subways. And I immediately thought it was like some kind of a… Lewd act of some sort people were doing on the subways now. That there was some kind of an increase on subway perverts in NYC.

That’s not the case. Manspreading is a term for when a man sits with his legs open and takes up too much space. That’s it!

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Uhm… I’m Sorry… WHAT?

Went into Luke’s character sheet on Roleplay Gateway and… Well, the RP tab has a feature that I love; basically when you write a post you can tag all the characters that appear in that post so when you go into any of those characters’ sheets you can read the posts they appear on right there. It saves you time searching for posts if you’re looking for something in particular. Welp… I accessed Luke’s sheet for that reason. And this is what I found:


Damn Google bots!

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What The Hell Did I Do Last Night?

The only thing I remember of my dreams this past night was this woman crying hysterically and shouting at me that we should have never gone back to kill Hitler.

I’m… Sorry…? o.O

*rubs temples*

Don’t you just hate it when your dream self time travels and accidentally dooms the entirety of human race by assassinating one of the most horrible people to ever exist? It’s just the worst!


Oh, Boy… We Have A Winner

The other day Wifey and I were chatting on Steam and she pointed out a game called I Am Bread. To which I replied that seeing as there was a Grass Simulator wasn’t all that nonsensical.

And today I saw a game called “Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015”.


I honestly wish I was joking

There is not amount of stupid that could possibly top this one. And the creators assure us that pixelated censor bars in the marketing images are not present in the actual game. No. You get 100% pixelated dad-son nudity for your money’ worth.

*facepalms* I give up.


Top 10: Hilariously Terrible Infomercials

I’ve been watching Infomercials on Youtube on and off since last night. I just find them absolutely hilarious. Either the product is insane and/or pathetic or the acting is just NUTS. There are a lot of Infomercial parodies and redubs on Youtube also and it baffles me that people actually do that because the originals are always a hundred times funnier in my opinion.

Since I’ve been having some great laughs with those and sharing them with Wifey also, I decided I’d make a top ten list of my absolute favorites.

10) Aspray

Oh, the amount of win in this one ad… What can I even say? Let’s see, first of all: Doc Bottoms? Are we not supposed to read that product’s name as “Ass-pray” after that? As if that wasn’t enough we get good ol’ Lanny F. with his ‘m-my butt’ mumble. Why say you have odors in ‘special places’ and then randomly mumble that? WHY?

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