About The Bird

Time for a brand new, more ‘grown up’ About page, woohoo! Ehem… Okay, let’s do this. πŸ™‚

My real name is Camila Sortica – I see no reason why I shouldn’t share that – I live in the city of Porto Alegre, South of Brazil. I love my city, despite it turning into a furnace every summer, and I always tell myself that I will only leave here to live abroad – perhaps Connecticut. Or more ambitiously; New Zealand. πŸ˜‰Β 

I was born on July 1989, the youngest of five awesome children (now awesome adults). My parents were just about to call it quits, but then they said ‘eh, what’s one more?’ and here I am. The eldest of my brothers is 15 Β years older than me and also my godfather; something that was extremely important since I was only five when my father died. My three brothers are my protectors and my best friends, even the one I’m constantly fighting with.

I’ve been writing since before I was officially alphabetized and have been writing in English since I was about 10 years old. I learned English on my own, through music and subtitled movies and I’ve been fluent since I was fourteen to the shock of several English teachers throughout my school years.

I love stories. I love writing, reading, hearing, and watching stories. That is mainly what I do with all my free time in one way or another, and what I want to do with all of my life forever.Β I constantly write to music. I love music; it’s my fuel. If I have headphones on I can do just about anything with a smile, unless you piss me off; in that case I’ll be smiling while I punch you in the face. I’m not easy to piss off however, so all you have to do is not try very hard. It’s surprising how many people fail in that department.

My favorite of the many dogs we’ve had during my childhood years was mistaken for a pure breed lab and stolen; she was a black lab/sheep dog mix. If I ever find out who did it I will do inhuman things to their person. I am still very furious with them.

My favorite people in the world (who I’m not related to) all live away from me at the moment. My three best friends have moved and my wife and I have not met in person. We are internet-married; that’s totally valid, I don’t care what her husband says. >.>

What else can I say about myself? I’m terrified of clowns and spiders and clown-spiders (fuck you Stephen King… Fuck you so much), I have an ongoing battle against Cleverbot. It started when it tried to steal my wife, and escalated to an epic battle for world domination type thing. As a result all internet bots attempt to boycott me on Cleverbot’s command and all pigeons are out to get me (don’t ask why or how, but they are in on it, and recruiting other birds… I know it!)

I sometimes sound either like a hyperactive five year old or a dangerous psychotic stalker menace and I’m quite a bit of both.

Not a lot of people know me well, but those who do, love me to bits, because I’m awesome.


21 thoughts on “About The Bird

  1. You sound like a really interesting person! Great about me page. I’m from the USA so I have to ask, what do you find interesting about Connecticut out of all the states? I just find it interesting that it is mentioned next to New Zealand. Although, Connecticut is pretty nice! It’s very impressive that you learned English on your own and you choose to write in English. There is so much motivation and dedication in that, I’m impressed!

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    • Oooh, you’re chatty, I likes that. πŸ™‚

      It’s always been a thing of mine to not want to go to places like NY that are too big, too crowded, too everything. I always wanted to go to the places near those places instead. CT is one of those places and just so happens it’s where my friend Sarah (aka my wifey) lives, so I have someone I know and trust there, not to mention a place to stay, lol. And I have vowed to visit… And steal her… And flee to New Zealand. >.>


      • I like that! Everyone always says they want to go to NYC and thats it. Which I mean, NYC is great (I am from upstate NY), but there is still so much more of the US to see. Your plan of stealing your friend sounds great! I’ve also heard New Zealand is amazing!


  2. BB, I enjoyed your about page πŸ™‚ You wield the English language much better than many people I know here in “the States” Unless you like snow and ice, you might want to consider a state a bit more southernly than Connecticut. Best of luck to you and your future writing!

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    • Heh, quirky sounds about right.

      Thanks for coming, make yourself at home… There are cookies…

      There were cookies around here somewhere. hmmm…

      Anyway, hope you stick around. πŸ™‚


  3. OlΓ‘ Camila! I am a friend of ASpaceWithin, and I started following your blog recently after moving into WordPress. I love the fact that you post so often everyday, I always see you in my Blog Reader feed. Your language is clear and colourful, to the extent that I thought you were a native English speaker. Keep up the good work! By the way, I want to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award, a recognition for bloggers with dynamic blogging skills. More info could be founf here in my blog: http://wp.me/p5B7t4-2H and if you do not want to take part, you may wish to decline. Thank you!

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    • Terrific! I was just telling myself I needed to get another one of those. πŸ™‚

      Welcome to The Nest. I hope you don’t mind the mess too much, I’ve been terribly busy. And also, I’m a bit messy.


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