Contact The Bird

 So here’s a little something if one of you guys wishes to reach me through email. Maybe you’re too shy for the comment section or something, I can totally understand that.

I also recommend you use this form if:

– I happened to use a image you own on a post and you’d like it credited or removed.

– You want to guest post on this blog, or would like me to guest post on yours

– You want me to review (or privately critique, if you’re shy) something you wrote. Or if you want to recommend a piece of fan fiction you read and thought was awesome or dreadful.

– Anything else. Anything at all. 🙂


I hereby warn that if someone emails me something inappropriate or decides to be an asshole for no reason, I will publish the contents of their email on this blog. If you have something bad to say to me it better be valid enough that you’re prepared to say it in public, is my point here send your ass straight to the spam folder. I forgot I had this little warning here and quite honestly? I’m not the kid I was when I started this blog. I don’t have time to waste on giving disrespectful people my attention.

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