Stalk The Bird

Here’s a list of places where you can also find me on the interwebz:

deviantArt – Relatively new account, but in the future some of my writing will only go there since I plan to open writing commissions. So if you’re a deviant and enjoy my writing, it might pay off to watch me there. 😉

Twitter –  Another way to follow The Nest

Steam – I don’t ‘multiplay’ much (I might, might, make an exception for Don’t Starve Together) and if you add me, please let me know you’re a reader or I won’t accept; I get a lot of spam requests ^^”

YouTube – I do lyrics videos from time to time, been a while since I had the time though, but you guys can also find playlists for all my characters there and stalk what I watch/listen to, if you want. 😛